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10 Best WordPress Plugins

It’s one thing to attract traffic to your site and a different story altogether to attract quality visitors.

You get quality visitors by putting things on your website that encourage them to stay longer and browse through more pages.

What about getting them to visit your page in the first place, or persuading them to return?

In this article, we’ll discuss the best WordPress plugins that you can use to attract new readers and get encourage the old readers to return.

Social Media Slider

This plugin, and the related versions, allows readers to choose the social media platform through which they would like to share your content. It encourages readers to share because they will not be restricted as to which social network to use.

You might have noticed that this plugin slides up and down the side of a page as you browse, so it’s pretty prominent on a page. There are several versions but Sharebar is a popular one.

Tweet Old Post

On the face of it, this plugin may seem like it wouldn’t really achieve much but it will help you to get all your old Twitter content, most of which must be lost within the archive. You can play with the settings to include additional texts, links, and number of posts retrieved a day, among others. You can also choose the URL shortener.

Facebook Social Plugin

Almost every descent blog out there has this plugin, or at least one of its versions. Most probably, the official Facebook version is slightly better than the rest. It comprises a big square box to draw readers’ attention, with information on how many visitors like the Facebook page, with a section of names and pictures of some of those who like it. It also features a ‘like’ button for those who don’t want to go all the way through to the Facebook page.

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PopUp Domination

You cannot exhaust ways of attracting website traffic without talking about PopUp Domination. As most of you might be aware, this plugin has been tested and proven to boost traffic by 429 percent, by utilizing a simple but attractive light-box solution which pops-up each time a new visitor comes to your website. It’s intrusive enough to draw attention yet it doesn’t irritate like an unrelated advert.

Show Top Commentors

This plugin encourages people to comment frequently because it gives rankings to those who do so more often. You can’t do anything with a higher ranking but people still love it anyway. It’s just an excellent way to build your reader interaction and make people want to return to your website more often.

Post to Twitter

This plugin simply gets your WordPress posts and publishes it on Twitter, and your followers get instantly notified. While Twitter allows this kind of automation, it’s not allowed on Facebook because the number of Twitter updates per day is higher than Facebook.

Facebook comments for WordPress

This plugin works excellent with Facebook and WordPress. People can easily share their comments using the ‘post to Facebook’ function, enabling them to share their thoughts in their Facebook feed, which effectively means your website is shared to all their Facebook friends.

All in One SEO Pack

It’s one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins. It’s compatible with most WordPress plugins and it’s very easy to use. It will optimize your page titles for search engines, as well as automatically generate Meta tags. It’s one plugin you don’t want to miss on your page if you want a higher ranking in search engines.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

It’s probably the best SEO WordPress plugin because with it, you can check if your content is search engine friendly. You get to preview how your post will look like in Google, and you’ll also see your keyword density when you input your desired keywords.

You then have the chance to alter the appearance of your title in Google, and the description too. Generally, you can better optimize your content for search with this plugin.

UpPrev Previous Post Animated Notification

If you’re familiar with the New York Times web articles, you’ve probably seen the ‘Next Post’ buttons at the bottom of the page. This plugin was created to emulate those buttons. It’s probably the exception among all previously mentioned plugins as it won’t get you more traffic but will keep someone on your website for longer by browsing through more pages.

It ‘pops-up’ previews of the next page as a user gets to the bottom of the current page. It’s attention grabbing looks professional without being overtly aggressive.

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