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10 Recommended Website SEO Strategies

If you’ve tried to acquaint yourself with knowledge about search engine strategies, you’ve probably found out that there are millions of pages of information about the subject.

What’s worse, most of that information differs in opinion. The internet is awash with hundreds of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, not to mention different magazines and books.

You could spend years trying to sift through all this information without applying anything, or you can look for the ten most recommended applicable SEO strategies agreed upon by the leading SEO professionals from around the world. Here is the list of those ten SEO strategies most recommended.

1. Learn how to identify the keywords and keyword phrases in your niche that are most likely to be used by users searching for things similar to what you offer. This is extremely important and your SEO strategies are premised on your keywords. Looking for the right keywords to give you a competitive edge can be time consuming so you’ll want to use an automated tool for this task, or hire a professional SEO expert.

2. Make proper use of your page titles to ‘entice’ search engines. You only have one chance to make a great first impression but this not only works in life, it also works with the logic of search engine algorithms.

When they are looking for relevance of a page in relation to the keywords issued during a search, they will normally look at page titles before analyzing the content. So make effective use of your titles.


3. Design your website using simple but powerful visuals to grab your visitors’ attention. Even search engines like websites with simple but even better, word about how great your website looks will easily be spread around by visitors. This curiosity will increase free organic traffic to your website, which is what you want.

4. Fill your website with useful, informative and insightful content. Most probably, you will not have the time to write all the content yourself so you will want to hire a competent writer to help you with this. Remember to always keep it fresh too.

5. As far as fresh content is concerned, you will also want to add an RSS feed to your site so that visitors who like your content can subscribe to receive the freshest content on what interests them.

6. Source for quality websites to link back to. You should be careful when placing links on your site as they have to be sites with authority and huge amounts of traffic.

7. Post your URL to a web directory. You can either choose a directory with a generalized theme, or you can opt for one with a theme that closely relates to yours. Websites listed in directories receive more consideration from search engines but find out every detail about a directory to ensure they don’t engage in dubious activities.

8. Monitor your site’s ranking in search engine results and make alterations in the SEO methods whenever applicable to get a higher ranking.

9. Post your site to search engines yourself or a tool that doesn’t submit websites en masse.

10. Finally, hire a SEO expert to do all the SEO work for you. It’s usually worth the extra costs, in terms of saving time and realizing a reasonable return on investment.

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