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10 Ways to Be More Productive

Productivity is the ultimate goal of every Internet Marketer. But, it's not easy. Take away the threat of a boss breathing down your neck, and finding motivation can be hard.

The risk of procrastination increases tenfold when you're sitting at home on your PC especially for new internet marketers.

Toss in complete control of your own schedule and plenty of time to waste in between tasks and it can be hard to get much of anything done.

And things that seem productive usually are not - email is not work. So, to help out, here are 10 tips designed to directly boost productivity in your efforts.

1. Work Early - Some of us like to work late hours. But, the human body has been shown to respond better in the wee hours of the morning...if you treat it right. If you're having trouble waking up early, change a few of your habits.

You can stop eating before bed, cut out the caffeine from your diet, make sure you get 8 hours a sleep each night, and ask your spouse to help get you up earlier. It sounds too early, but 5am can be a massive productivity booster.

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2. Multiple Monitors - I whole heartedly discourage people from trying to multi-task too rigorously, but if you like to keep your eye on multiple things at once, consider getting a second monitor.

You can watch email or social networking sites while leaving your work open on the primary monitor. You'll never be tempted to close that Dreamweaver or Word document.

3. Reduce Phone Calls - If you're a phone person, consider switching to email only. Have a voicemail message encouraging people to send an email or use a service like GotVoice to convert your voice messages into emails.

4. Transcriptions - There are times in the day when you're not working. But, you can still be productive with the right tools. When exercising or walking, record your thoughts on a voice recorder or your phone. Then use a tool like Dragon Naturally Speaking and transcribe it into text.

5. Batch Tasks - If you have similar tasks that require the same actions, put them together on your schedule. Make phone calls together, do emails together, and write text together. Your brain will work better with similar tasks than jumping around to different things.

6. Disconnect - Remove yourself from the Internet. Either turn off your WiFi or take a netbook with no wireless card to a park or a local coffee shop. With no Internet, you'll be surprised how well you can work.


7. Remove Some Tasks - Some tasks just need to be removed from your schedule. No time for something? Delete it completely.

8. Record Productivity - Sometimes, productivity suffers because we don't recognize the best times to work and take advantage of them. If you know you work best between 1pm and 5pm each day when you have coffee at hand, make sure you utilize that time as often as possible.

9. Take Out Random Tasks - If you're bored or distracted, don't procrastinate. Take a much larger task and complete a random piece of it. Feel like watching that episode of The Simpsons from last night? Don't. Instead, write one page in your next book.

10. Throw Perfectionism a Curveball - The easiest way I know to defeat perfectionism is to do the opposite. Sit down and complete a task rapidly and with no eye for perfection. You'll be surprised how much more efficient this will make you as you actually get something tangible done.

Productivity can make or break a fledgling small business, especially on the Internet. You could also make use of effective internet marketing tools to help you fully ultilize your time. Don't let it get under your skin. Take notes, be wary of your time and most of all, have fun with what you do.

If you're trying to ensure you always know exactly where you're going in your Internet marketing efforts, Mind Movies will give you the positive visualization tools you need to feel good about every step you take.

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