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2 Alternative Sources of Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is a tricky sort of business. If you're like millions of marketers and the only sources you know of are Google AdWords and Yahoo!

Search Marketing (RIP), it's time you started looking outside the normal bounds of static, old school traffic generation and start considering some of the insider options that marketers use around the globe. Reach into these untapped traffic sources and drive visitors to your site.

Different Advertising Types

First up, know that there are plenty of different ways to advertise. It's not all based on Pay Per Click. There's Pay per Impression - a great way to get tons of people looking at your ads, Pay Per Action, Pay Per View traffic and just standard monthly ad placement.

And despite what the other gurus have laid on you time and again, there is no "best" option.

Most good affiliate marketers will take a wide approach and try out all sorts of traffic sources. Let's say, for example, you're into CPA marketing.

Why would you use only PPC when your sole goal should be to generate traffic? Lots of it. You should be trying out everything you can, especially the two ad sites we're going to talk about today.

The Alternatives

Okay, so what options do you have? What can you use to change your ad spend while boosting your ROI in as many categories as possible? Two of my favourites - which I almost never see on any other sites - are AdBrite and BuySellAds.

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First up, there's AdBrite. You may have heard of it in passing, but I doubt you've given it the fair shake it deserves.

The site basically works to help advertisers and content publishers come together based on demographics, ad type and space available. You can choose to advertise with banner, text, or full page ads (which appear before a site loads, similar to or

You can also choose which countries or cities you want your ads to show up in (US cities only) - a huge boon for local markets. You can choose categories, keyword targeting, and whether you're on the preferred network or the entire network of sites available. If you want to choose gender and age, that's up to you too.


The other option that I'm positively in love with right now is BuySellAds. I've been recommending this site to CPA marketers out there for months because it's so freaking easy to get started.

Head to the site right now and just look at their "buy ads" link. You'll find all the sites that currently have ad space available, organized by impressions.

You can then see what a spot on that page costs per month, how many impressions you'll get and how big your ad will be.

A note on using BuySellAds, though. You should spend a bit of time researching where your ad will appear and how it will perform. Head to Google Ad Planner to make sure the site actually receives that much traffic, then go to the actual site and check to see where your ad is likely to appear.

Why pay $200+ a month for something if it's not going to work properly.

The moral of this newsletter is this - you need to have as much traffic as possible. Sometimes, the best way to do that is to skip AdWords and other PPC networks and try out a sitewide ad or a targeted banner ad through AdBrite. The return, especially for high converting CPA offers, is so much better than a per-click basis.

The goal here is to make money. It doesn't matter how you do that. If you can get the same traffic or more for less, and it converts all the same, it doesn't matter what kind of keyword targeting is available.

banner ad blueprint

banner ad blueprint


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