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3 Efficient Methods to Increase the Rank of Your Site

Your website’s activity and lifespan is dependent on the number of visitors that you receive daily. It wouldn’t be untrue to conclude that targeted traffic is the reason behind every website that is successful.

However, getting targeted traffic is not an easy feat to accomplish and normally takes a lot of time and resources.

But when handled wisely, this feat can be made a lot simpler. In this article, we’ll explore three efficient methods to increase the rank of your site, and therefore more targeted traffic.

Keep your website up-to-date

This is probably something you’re already doing, right? For sure, this must be the norm for you if your website deals in stuff that need a regular update, for instance, if you sell gadgets, you’ll be adding the latest gadgets and gizmos the minute they are out of the manufacturing units.

Again, if it is clothes that you sell, you’ll be updating your website as soon as the latest fashion makes it to the stores, and so is the case with movies, books and music. However, there are still certain products that will not get any new model out for months and you simply run out of ideas of how to update your site.

The best way to go around this is to include special sections on your website that can easily be updated and then link those sections to the pages where you sell your items. For instance, if you deal with books, movies or music, you can create a special section on your site for reviews on the books, movies or music you sell. It could also be a how-to guide section for the products you’re selling.

This way, you’ll not only get customers to buy from you but you’ll keep them coming back again and again.


Internal linking

There’s no doubt that keeping your site updated all the time will get you the traffic you want but once those people have read what they wanted to know that led them to your site, they soon leave.

Thus, you need to interlink your pages cleverly so that you influence your visitors to buy items and minimize the bounce rate as well, keeping them coming back again and again. But your internal linking strategy should be organized in a way so as not to distract the readers.

Let’s say you’ve got a page that provides tips on how to alter dresses to fit with the current fashions and create some space in the closets, you can link this page to another one with similar tips about hats, shoes, etc. These pages can be linked to your main business page where the real sales happen, and you offer readers special shoes, dresses and hats that will stand the test of time.

Leverage the power of social media

Engaging on social media platforms shouldn’t only be about creating a page on Facebook or Twitter or some other media channel on a social platform. You need to go the extra mile to convince your fans and followers that you actually care for them.

Therefore, when you create these social pages, link them to your website where they can go for more information. Share all content you think is useful and make it alluring.

There are several methods to increase your website’s rank but these three will give you a good start.

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