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3 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Webinar

Your business stands to benefit a lot when you run your own online webinar. On top of new customers, you can get new business prospects and ideas.

For sure, you can get your message across to your target audience in many ways but a webinar is a powerful tool for this sort of thing.

There’s immense power in delivering a message to your viewers live. And you don’t have to be concerned about how your viewers will see your presentation as the preparations ensure that there are less or no errors at all.

The following three ways will help you get the most out of your webinar.

Promote heavily

If you have a webinar coming up soon, you will want to promote it as much as you can. The most obvious is sending emails to prospect viewers, who in most cases are the people on your customer email list.

Besides your email list, you should consider other ways for getting as many attendees as possible. There are a number of promotion companies that offer tools and services for promoting such events. Alternatively, you can use social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, and the like to promote your webinar.

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Capitalize on the Registration Process

When a person registers for your webinar, there’s a lot you can learn about them – who they are, what they do and their interests, among other details. You can use this information to get a picture of what an individual might expect out of the webinar and you can then tailor your presentation to address their needs.

If need be, you can go ahead and seek answers from them by asking questions that you think might be pertinent at this stage. Provide a demo in your registration emails and ensure the process is automated.

Know What’s in it for Your Business

If you don’t have a clear understanding of the benefits that your business stands to gain from the webinar, then certainly you will not make the most out of your webinar. Whether it is increasing your leads or attracting more visitors to your website, your goal should be clearly stipulated before you go deep into the preparations. It will help you plan properly and you’ll know exactly what kind of people to invite for the webinar.

If you have a clear goal from the start, you will easily build a story and there are less chances you will ‘get lost’ during the presentation. The worst thing you want is to go off track during your presentation; you will not only lose the audience but also potential customers.

Perhaps one of the most direct approaches to gauge whether your goal is clearly stipulated is to do one thing that most people shun – testing. Engage people in a forum that relates to your business and see how they take your ideas. Keep refining your goal until you feel you’re near something that is achievable.

Whenever you can, make full use of freely available IM tools to make your webinar worthwhile. Paid services may set you back a bit but will deliver a superior webinar presentation.

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