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5 Great Places for Stock Clipart and Photos

I've been doing this for a long time and the single most common thing you'll need, for any project, of any size, is images.

They're everywhere and even when you don't think you need them, they can add a great deal of depth and value to your pages. But, here's the thing. No one wants to pay too much for them.

So, I want to focus in on the 5 best places to snag stock clipart and photos - images that you can use for anything you want in your internet marketing campaign.

Some of these sites are free and others paid - the quality and selection will often dictate which is which.

Jupiter Images Stock Photos

Jupiter has been around for quite some time and is generally used for larger scale, high quality projects. If you're looking for simple, low cost images, this may not be the best place for you. However, if you need to make sure the images you use are professional quality and royalty free, Jupiter has plenty of options.

Jupiter also has a solid subscription plan called Thinkstock that allows you to get up to 25 images a day (750 a month) for $$100 a week or $250 a month. Most people will find it to be a bit more than they need, but when you're building two or three sites a week, it's a fantastic tool.



Located at, the Stock Xchng is a top location for free stock photos. The site has about 400,000 photos, with new ones added every day and a massive library of stock images taken from governments, out of print databases, and more. If you need free images for your next site, start here.

The important thing about Stock Xchng is that you always know the legal rights behind the images you're using. You'll never accidentally pay for something you shouldn't and you'll always know how much you can use it for.


iStockPhoto is probably the largest stock photo site on the Internet and has a lot of very simple, affordable options. In particular, images with models and locations are easy to find here. The search engine is a great tool and allows you to quickly sort through millions of photos and most images have fair cost plans.

You can also choose to purchase extended rights if you're going to use an image for resale or direct marketing purposes. If you need low cost (often less than $2) with variable resolution options, iStockPhoto is a great place to start.

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Sometimes, you don't need quality photos. You just need a few quirky bits of clipart - some arrows or buttons or a cartoon to outline your next product. For those situations, iClipart is your place to go with nearly 8 million pieces of clipart to choose from.

The best part is the low cost subscription plans. There are multiple subscription levels starting at $12.95 for a week of unlimited use. To access larger photos on the site, you'll need to subscribe for the professional level subscriptions, but for simple clipart, you can start small.

Wikipedia Images

A tool many people overlook is Wikipedia. Because many of the images uploaded to the Wiki Commons are copyright free (if you attribute their source), they can be used for limited marketing purposes.

Just be sure to read the licenses for each carefully. Most people will make them public domain or creative commons, but you almost always still need to attribute the source, easily done in a text blurb at the bottom of your page.

The goal here is to find images and clipart that you can use for whatever you want in your marketing campaigns or make great header graphics. Do that and you'll be able to plaster good looking, high quality images all over your websites - regardless of what types of products you're selling.

If you're looking for somewhere to use all that fresh new clipart and stock photography, why not eBay. Sky High Auctions can help you go from eBay newbie to Powerseller in 40 in-depth video lessons.

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