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5 Methods that Google Webmaster Tools Will Help Your Website

If you’re a webmaster that’s serious about your SEO results and website performance, then you might want to include Google Webmaster tools in your collection of SEO tools.

There’s a lot you can uncover about your website’s performance when you make use of Google Webmaster tools.

Things like dead links, broken 404 pages, the sites linking to you, the search terms that are drawing traffic to your site, and much more, can be discovered with these tools.

All this information is very vital for a webmaster or a SEO professional.

The following are five methods that Google tools will help your website.

1. Firstly, Google Webmaster tools enable you to submit your website’s XML sitemap. A sitemap is simply an index of your website’s pages. These pages are listed in a hierarchical format, showing the path that leads to every page on the website.

The sitemap can be accessed by search engine bots and provides them with information about pages that they may not otherwise have found. Google Webmaster tools will reveal the number of web pages on your site that have actually been indexed.

2. Google’s robotic tool (Googlebot) crawls different web pages every day and makes a log of those pages it deems to be important for future search terms. In case of broken links or pages that cannot be crawled, Googlebot will log it, and this data can be accessed via the Google Webmaster tools dashboard. This way, you will be able to fix all the issues that might be hindering your chances of getting ranked and therefore improve your site’s potential.

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3. Another functionality that is hugely beneficial is being able to identify the search terms that were responsible for your website being listed in the search results on a Google results page. In addition, you can also tell the number of visitors to your website.

This information helps you assess which pages on your site receive the highest number of visitors so that you can be able to put more emphasis on those pages and improve the service or product that they directly relate to. Your listing in the search results will enable you to see the click through rate, and therefore how appealing your listing is to visitors.

4. On Google Webmaster tools, you can set the web address you want search engines to direct visitors to. It helps to increase your website’s optimization.

5. Getting both inbound and outbound links to your website is also a vital part of your site’s optimization for SEO. Google Webmaster tools avail the details of these links which you can download. You will be able to see which websites are linking to yours and the exact web page they are leading to.

By all means, Google Webmaster tools is worth having if you’re a webmaster, more so if you’re running more than one website. It provides the most crucial information that will enable you to optimize your website for SEO, and thus improve your search ranking.

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