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5 Ways To Boost Your Search Engine Rank

You can increase your website’s ranking from search engines’ natural results by utilizing professional search engine marketing methods.

By ‘natural’ results, we refer to the results that are returned by search engines like Yahoo, Google, or MSN’s Live Search using its standard ranking algorithm without accounting for special placement for sponsored listings.

Every search engine has its own formula for establishing which page comes up naturally and in what order. This formula is complex and the nitty-gritty about its exact mode of execution is a well kept secret for each company.

On the other hand, paid placement allows a search engine to display a website’s ad or listing prominently when a specific search relating to that website is issued. These results are known as sponsored listings and the website pays the search engine each time its listing is displayed.

While paid placement offers instant results and is relatively easy, succeeding on the internet in the long run requires a high natural placement. One obvious reason why natural placement is better is that web visitors normally trust natural results more than sponsored listings and they are therefore more likely to click on a naturally listed result. These are the things that increase traffic to your website and the potential to get more customers.

If you want to carry out a successful search engine marketing campaign, it’s important to first try to understand how the different search engines work and how you can get your webpage highly placed in their natural results. The following are a few tips and strategies used by search engine marketing experts to get high placement through natural results.

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• Organize your website’s content while accounting for search engine marketing. Search engine bots crawl and scan your web pages and index them according to the keywords and keyword phrases they find on those pages. Also, the area of your page where those keywords are located determines the relevance they place on your page.

• Build incoming links to your site from other websites. Your website can benefit a lot from incoming links to it from other sites, which helps increase its ranking. However, search engine algorithms are ‘intelligent’ and they consider many factors when placing weight to your incoming link. A link from a website that is closely related to what you do carries more weight than one from a website you’re not related to.

• Implement ranking techniques in your site’s code. There’s a lot you can do while coding your website to increase its placement in search engine results. To start with, put your target search words in the title of your home page as this would increase your chances of getting better results than using generic words in the title.

• Use video to get more visitors. Online marketers are increasingly realizing the potential of video as a marketing medium. It is such an attention grabber that you can’t afford not to have it on your website. Once you’ve attracted people’s attention with video, it’s more likely that they will check out your other content.

• Finally, you will find that staying informed can make a huge difference to your rankings, at given times. search engines regularly make changes to their algorithms. Therefore, check your site’s ranking periodically and make changes in response to any alterations.

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