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7 Ways to Gain High Page Rank Links

Everyone knows that links are the currency of a good website. Google practically falls over itself giving higher Page Rank to a site that has a lot of solid back links.

But, you can't just go out and get random links to your site. You need to pinpoint ones that will provide the most value and are great sources of inbound links.

And that value comes most noticeably through high Page Rank. Sites with Page Rank of 4 or higher are considered prime back links - providing significantly more value in their anchor text than any site with a PR of 1-3. Even a site with a Page Rank of 2 can be worth multiple non-ranked sites.

But, getting those high Page Rank links can often be easier said than done. So, here are 7 tips to help master the link generating success stories you hear so often from the gurus.

1. Targeting High PR Pages - While it is easy to find high PR websites, you also need to target the specific pages on those websites that have the highest Page Rank. One of my favourite tools for this is SEOquake, which will narrow down the pages by Page Rank.

SEO Quake integrates with your search engine results to show you the Page Rank of individual pages. It is also successful when researching competitor websites.

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2. Finding Follow and No-Follow Links - You'll need a toolbar like the one provided by Affilorama for this, but it is highly recommended. When you've found a site with high PR pages that match your needs, check with the Affilorama tool to see if the pages are follow or not.

If a page is no-follow, it doesn't mean it is useless in terms of back linking, but as far as a high Page Rank link, it may be severely watered down. Aim for "follow" pages with high PR.

3. Guest Blogging - If you can get a major blog in your niche to post one of your blog posts as an exclusive guest post, you'll be able to generate quite a bit of additional interest in your site. This requires time and

If the site you target has high page rank to start with, don't forget that you'll need to generate Page Rank for your particular post. Do this by generating secondary back links to that guest post, and by writing valuable, link-bait content.

4. Directories - Major directories like DMOZ and Yahoo! are incredibly valuable as backlinks. A DMOZ back link is one of the fundamental PR links for any budding website. Submit early though. It takes weeks for approval.

5. Forum Searches - With SEO Quake installed, do a quick search through Google for specific keywords, along with Forum. For example. If you are in the dog training niche, search for "dog training forum".

From there, click on "Advanced Search" and choose to look in a specific domain name for a single word, such as "reply" or "replies". This will show you which forum posts allow replies. Now, in Google you will see a series of data below each result with Page Rank.

Look for the highest and post your reply, with signature box, there. Make sure your replies are actually helpful, lest they be marked as spam.


6. Commenting on Blogs - Simple blog commenting can have a big impact on your site as many trackbacks and comment links will point back to your site. If you have a blog, you can also talk about popular blogs. Sometimes, they will mention your comments when they find the trackback from your site.

Again, make sure you find blog posts, using the procedure I outlined in Number 5, to find posts on a blog that have particularly high Page Rank and that allow posts. Also check to see if the links in the comments section are follow or no-follow.

7. Paid Links - There is also the last ditch option of buying links directly for high page rank. Be careful with this method as it can be dangerous for your site if Google catches on. 

To avoid any problems, only buy links that are relevant to your site. Also, if a site already has multiple paid links, avoid it as well. Be selective about where your links appear as well (footer is no good), and make sure you vary your anchor text on different sites to avoid spam.

As you can see, there are plenty of solid ways to leverage your expertise into big time traffic through one way High PR links. But, it takes work. It won't happen overnight, and you can't just buy it.

If you're up for investing the time and energy into it though, you can bet your site will take off in no time with all that fresh new traffic and SEO boosting link juice. Remember that SEO is not only about getting links but is also impacted by on-page SEO tips that you perform.

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