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8 Great Conversion Rate Boosting Tactics

There is nothing quite as exciting as a solid, well tested, well optimized landing page that has fantastic conversions. And yet most Internet marketers balk at the extremely simple strategies that go into split testing and maximizing conversion rates.

Well, I'm not having any of it. I want to take a look at eight specific strategies and tactics that will let you boost your conversion rates through the roof, when done properly.

1. Guarantees - Having a solid guarantee will always increase your conversion rate, sometimes as much as 5-10%. The real value here though is that refunds tend to be significantly lower when you use a guarantee on your site.

For guarantee sections, make sure to use a seal of some kind for the guarantee, and outline the box in red to draw attention to it.

2. Order Form Testimonials - Your order form is a fantastic opportunity to drive sales harder. Something as simple as a testimonial on the order form can boost your conversion rate in the double figures.

3. The Right Font - Font selection across the page will have an impact. To start with, Arial 12 point font is a popular selection. Stick with black font on a white background, but use red for your headlines.

Other font tricks that work wonders include changing the font and making it bigger - around 20 point - for headlines and adding key points in quotation marks.

4. Testimonials - Testimonials on your offer page are always fantastic (make sure they're real). The box should be a light yellow and have its own red headline to draw attention. Having a location next to a user's name can also be highly effective.

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5. Backgrounds - Many people get caught up on the background and background color. I like to keep it very simple, going with a basic light blue background color (behind the white text blocks). This particular color breeds trust and develops readership.

6. Using the P.S. - You've likely seen the PS messages at the bottom of most sales letters. These will boost conversions in almost every instance.

However, you can even further boost the conversion by having one last testimonial on the bottom of the page, after your PS messages.

7. Optin Boxes - The optin box may seem like a side track for conversions, but a good box can actually drive sales conversions on the page. Having a testimonial within the optinbox or directly below it is highly effective. On top of that, using squeeze pages to improve conversions rates can be easily done when you build trust with your prospect in follow up emails.

Additionally, if you can make it look like a login for popular services like Yahoo!, Google or Facebook, people will trust it more because it looks familiar.

8. The Sale Options - Finally, you should have some specific options available for the final sale of the item. First, offer multiple payment options, including a payment plan if it fits your product.

Second, price points that end in a '7' are shown psychologically to be more effective. You should also offer more than one opportunity to place an order throughout the page, with the first option well before the final sales pitch.

When it comes to conversions, there is no end to the number of changes you can make to drive the right actions on your page. Your goal, as a marketer, is not to find the "perfect formula". That, unfortunately, does not exist.

Rather, you need to setup your site to be successful and then continuously test it to make sure you're getting the best possible results from every customer that reaches your page. Do that, and you'll be well on your way to fantastic sales numbers.

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