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8 Untapped Traffic Sources

Nothing is harder to obtain than fresh new traffic from sources you haven't considered in the past. It might seem like your traffic comes from all over the Internet, but stop and really think about where you get your traffic and how unique those sources are.

There are search engines, some backlinks from articles and blogs, and a few direct hits from things like YouTube videos or social media.

But, there are so many more ways you can generate traffic - eight of which I'm going to outline below.

1. Content Aggregators - There are a few sites for this including and 9Rules. These sites will allow you to submit your site and its content to be reposted there with huge traffic returns.

There are other content aggregators out there as well, but these two are the best. Syndication is also highly effective. The goal here is to produce quality content that aggregators will want to share with their readers.

2. Guest Blogging - Writing a guest blog post for someone will really boost the return you get to your own blog posts, especially if you can land a spot on a major blog that gets significant traffic.

The thing about this is that it is actually quite easy to do. When you ask for a guest blogging spot, don't mention things like traffic or posts. Just show them the quality of your writing. If it's good and it adds value, they'll be interested in having it on their site.

3. Trackbacks - Trackbacks are huge traffic boosters. But, to get them you need your posts to be mentioned elsewhere. Have social bookmarking links on every post (Sociable is a good plugin for this) and submit them yourself when possible.

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4. Write Tutorials - If you know how to do something, share it with the world. Tutorials are a huge source of traffic right now on sites like or Write up a short tutorial on something you're especially skilled in and it will almost always generate traffic on those sites.

5. Coupons - Coupons are always nice traffic sources, assuming you have something good to sell. If you don't have a good selling point, you can still use coupons by linking them to affiliate offers.

6. WSOs - If you're not already a member of the Warrior Forums, get over there and signup. Full access costs $20 and after you've posted at least 30 messages and responses, you can start using the WSO forum. WSOs (Warrior Special Offers) are deals you'd offer only to fellow forum members.

These are all fellow marketers, so if you offer a free report with affiliate links in it, or just a link back to your blog, the traffic will come flowing in.

7. Buy Existing Sites - The easiest way to ensure traffic is to buy a site that already has it. There are plenty of site marketplaces out there including and

Some sites are vastly overpriced, but I've seen marketers pick up 6 month old blogs with 50+ hits a day for less than $300. There are some good deals here.

8. Embed Your Videos - Video embedding is simple and will always generate additional traffic to your website using videos. Once you've submitted a video to YouTube, embed that link on sites like MetaCafe where it can be aggregated. The more sites you submit it to, the more traffic it will generate to your site. This is how you can get videos to rank high on Youtube.

Marketing isn't a one track activity. If you're serious about making big bucks with your new website, you'll need to get creative to maximize the volume of traffic that comes in.

That means finding new sources of both paid and free traffic and diversifying enough that you'll never need to worry about where it comes from again.

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