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9 Tips for Boosting Your Productivity

For an internet marketing entreprenuer, there are tons of stuff to do on a daily basis. Today, we shall talk about something that does not deal directly with affiliate internet marketing.

Of course there are a lot more ways to boost productivity, so let's take a look at 9 of my favorite ways to be more productive when running an online business.

It's incredible how much time we don't realize we're wasting each day. Hour after hour gets poured into tasks that seem to be productive, but really just hold us back from making any real profit. If you're anything like me, a sound outline to boost productivity can really help.

So, to help you get started, I've included a list of 9 tips that will directly help boost your productivity when it comes to getting more done in a single day.

1. Email is Not Work - Your email is not a work task. It is your email and the more time you spend checking and responding to it, the less time you spend working. There are many ways to solve this. You can check it once at the end of the day, once at the beginning, or 2-3 times throughout the day.

2. Upgrade Your Hardware - A slow computer can be frustrating and severely slow you down. While it may not be possible right away, you'll eventually need to upgrade any slow or outdated hardware.


This also means getting new software that will boost productivity. Free word processors and photo editors are great, but eventually you'll need to invest some money in Microsoft Word and Photoshop.

3. Develop Processes for Common Tasks - We all have common tasks we complete day after day. If you plan your day well, you can generate lists of those common tasks and streamline them. For example, if you only check your Analytics daily, decide whether checking it every other day is possible.

Reduce the time spent completing similar tasks and find ways to get them out of the way, similar to your email.

4. Get the Worst Tasks Done First - If you have a task you particular dread on any given day, do it first. Getting that dreaded task out of the way can often make your day infinitely more palatable and the urge to procrastinate will fade with it.

5. Track Your Tasks and Accomplishments - Have a list of goals and accomplishments and keep track of then on a daily basis. I have multiple lists - a schedule and calendar, an idea list, and a list of what I've accomplished so I can see I'm always making progress.

6. Sleep, Exercise, and Eat Well - Our bodies need 8 hours of sleep, 30 minutes of exercise and 3 square, healthy meals a day.

If you start neglecting these basic needs, you'll lose the ability to think and act quickly. Productivity will only suffer, even if it seems like you're gaining time by skipping meals or not sleeping.

7. Stop Multitasking - It's a big myth that marketers need to be top multitaskers. Rather, we need to be top planners. Multitasking can derail a schedule in a matter of seconds.


Choose a single task, focus on it, and get it done. The more tasks you pack into the same space, the less likely you are to get them all done.

8. Remove Any Time Wasting Tasks - If you have other tasks in your day that waste time, cut them out. This might include logging into an online video game, checking social networks, reading the newspaper, or any of a number of other things.

Balance is good, but save the relaxing stuff for after you finish working. Some people find that working at home is next to impossible for this very reason. Others just turn their Internet off when they don't need it.

9. Eat Leftovers from Home - Meals can be a huge time sink - especially if you go out to eat a lot. Instead of going out to lunch every day, cook meals at night and bring them as leftovers to your desk.

Not only does this help you cut down on time and money spent, but it will help boost the healthiness of the food you are eating. Take out and fast food is going to kill your productivity even more when it becomes a regular part of your diet.

It can be hard to make such substantial changes to your daily schedule. Not everyone can do everything on this list. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to remove some very key time sucking habits from your life.

If you can make the big changes to your day we've outlined above (even a couple), you'll be well on your way to getting more done in less time.

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