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A Method of Choosing Experienced Copywriting Services

A professional copywriter can help you greatly increase the amount of returns you get from your investment in advertising and marketing.

However, if you’ve never used copywriting services before, it may be hard for you to select the right copywriter for your business needs.

You will want to select copywriting services after you’ve talked to at least a couple of professional writers.

When you take the trouble to interview several copywriters, it will be easier for you to objectively assess their strengths and weaknesses and compare them to other competitors. You’ll also be able to tell if a writer identifies with your business writing needs and how they can be accomplished.

As you engage these professional writers, remember that your aim is to assess their professionalism and competency levels. The best way to ascertain this is from the kind of business questions they pose to you pertaining to your advertising and marketing needs. Some questions that shouldn’t miss include:

What is the overall objective that the project is trying to achieve? What is the one envisioned action that the copy is meant to influence? For instance, direct them to a certain website, cause them to respond directly, etc.

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Who exactly are you trying to influence? What makes you different from the rest? What is unique with your business that not easy to find elsewhere? As writers, there’s need to dig deeper to discover what makes you different.

How does the customer benefit from your product or service? If a copywriter is clear on the benefits that a customer stands to get from doing business with you, then they’re likely to be more elaborate in their written copy that will meet your needs.

This list is in no way conclusive and shouldn’t be used to but it gives a basic overview of what has to be covered. If you settle on a copywriter to hire, then they should be able to go further and give the answers they would need to write the desired copy. Note that if a prospect writer gives quality answers to these questions, then there are higher chances that the potential results will be good.

Another important factor to ponder when hiring a copywriter is whether they need to have industry specific experience.

Most times, experience in a certain industry may not be so important. What counts is that the writer should have some experience in the medium for which you need copy.

You’ll need to use utterly different approaches for web, print, radio and TV. A good copywriter may have no clue about the specifics of web copywriting.

So you definitely have to look at their body of work but above all, you also need to seriously consider the references that specifically deal with their copywriting experience in your particular medium.

The best copywriters have the ability to tweak their tones and style depending on the task at hand. Even if you don’t find the style you’re looking for when you peruse a writer’s portfolio, it doesn’t mean the writer cannot deliver.

Finally, when you look at references, pay attention to customer feedback; were they satisfied with the work or not? A writer with a greater number of references and testimonials indicates customer satisfaction.


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