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Advice On Using Linkbait To Get Others To Link To You

Backlinks are important for a website’s search engine rankings. As such, many webmasters have devised ways to get as many backlinks as possible.

Link baiting is one of the methods that have been used over the years to entice people to build links from other sites to yours.

There are also other ways of getting backlinks, such as creating great content, and commenting on people’s blogs. However, in this article, we’ll discuss some advice on using link bait to get other websites to link to you.

Using humor has proved to be very successful when used as link bait to get people to link to you. it doesn’t have to be a lengthy stand-up moment or a touchingly humorous family video, if you can create blog posts or website content that is lighthearted with a couple of jokes, then you can sit back and watch the backlinks build up.

Let’s face it; there are moments when you feel like a good laugh will shake off the stresses of the hectic daily routines. Webmasters who realize this have used it successfully to their advantage and ended up with thousands of quality links.

You will also like to capitalize on the fact that people generally like to get things for free. Even though we are generally more wary of free things on the internet, the concept can still work wonders for getting you links, if applied carefully.

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So, look out for things you can freely offer to visitors or at least put a condition of linking back to your website. For instance you can offer free content for publishing on other websites as long as author credits remain yours, in form of a link to your website wherever the content is published.

Another opportunity you can seize is to create some sort of competition for visitors where they could win a small prize. Your marketing approach is basically what will determine whether you succeed with this option. Use social networking sites, for instance, to advertize your competition and give it exposure.

It’s a lot easier to generate interest in your website if you’re offering stuff that a great proportion of your visitors are looking for. Breaking news, as well as topical issues, is a good attention grabber, provided you can get the information published before most other websites have done so.

It’s a tough call though and you really need to have an extremely savvy news gathering team to consistently be the first to publish breaking news. But once you’ve got it right and you manage to get the news out a few hours before anyone else, then your website will be overwhelmed, and then everyone will be linking to you.

Also, you can focus on specialist information instead, such as scientific reports, research articles, or perhaps some catchy political issues at hand, not to mention a popular sport.

These methods are the most popular used as link bait. However, there are some others slowly gaining popularity, for instance viral videos. You can consider them too if you have the resources to make them.

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