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Back Links in Search Engines with Blogs

Backlinks are one of the most potent ways of building traffic and increasing the authority of your website. However, there’s a general notion that blogging is not a very intuitive way of link building.

You only need to approach this strategy with an open mind to build viable links with blog commenting. You can build lasting relationships and increase authority in your niche, and therefore get organic links and new traffic.

Blog commenting isn’t about using keywords, do-follow, don’t-follow, or any other things you usually read about linking. It’s not about articles with lots of backlinks or great PageRank. It is about information and shared ideas and interests, two great recipes for attracting interest and therefore huge following.

Finding the Right Blogs

You’ll be looking for places in your industry or niche when you’re looking for places to comment. Don’t just go for any blog, select ones that receive a considerable amount of traffic and are highly engaged. This doesn’t mean that they have to be the top blogs but what you want is a blog that has a significant amount of activity in terms of commenter’s.

PostRank is a good place to start your search. Search for your topic of interest and you will get a list of some of the leading blogs on that topic based on ‘social trends’, such as comments received on those blogs and the number of shares.

If you’re in the internet marketing industry, you might want to take a look at Sphinn. Its homepage receives posts from blogs with generally great content and therefore there’s a good bit of engagement going on there.

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Once you’ve discovered a few great blogs to start with, then go ahead and branch out by following commenter’s’ links back to their blogs. By doing this, you’ll be growing your base of websites to comment on.

Also, on websites that have many authors, be sure the check out the author’s bio to find out if they have their own blog that you can join. If you find that their communities fit in your industry, join them too.

Organize your blogs

You’d do better to keep track of your blogs by subscribing to RSS feeds, for instance via Google Reader. If you have a range of different interests, store them in separate folders. This will enable you see which posts have the most recent updates and you could then easily plan the next move.

Remember, while commenting on blogs, only do so if you really have something important to say. This is a crucial factor. Sort of like what you were probably told while growing up: ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. Don’t comment on blogs if you don’t have anything useful to write.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to be a regular so that people in your communities get used to you.

The Benefits

So far, a lot of commenting so you must be wondering how exactly you benefit. As you build great relationship with bloggers, they will begin to casually link back to you, share your comments and engage on your website as well.

This is more quality back-linking than paid-in post links on sites that are irrelevant. It all works out positively for your search engine optimization prospects too. You need to have great content though on your site. That’s when you’ll realize great organic traffic from blogs.

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