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Best Places to Create Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is a popular form of advertising online. You’ve probably seen your fair share of banner ads if you’ve been surfing the internet for some time.

Banner ads are small rectangular adverts placed on all types of web pages and their appearance and subject matter varies considerably.

However, their basic function is the same: clicking on them opens the advertiser’s web page in a new browser window. So how do they really work and why are they placed on web pages?

Typically, banner ads are nothing more than simple pieces of HTML code, but they are extremely important in internet based business.

In internet based business, it pays to use banner ads but having banner ads alone is not all that matters. If you don’t know where to place banner ads, you will not get their full benefits. A potential customer you’re targeting can be anyone from anywhere.

To make the most of your banner advertising, you need to place your ads in places that anyone can easily see. But placing banner ads begins with the approach you use in their creation.

A 2000 study by NetRatings found that people are more likely to click on a banner ad if the correct approach was employed in its creation.

The same group carried out another study in 2006 and found that banner advertising was causing ‘banner blindness’, and a lot of people were avoiding banner ads like the plague. They also carried out research on what really is entailed in the creation of effective banner advertising.


As such, there have been many changes to banner ad creation since their inception. Now, rather than creating screaming flash images, more focus is put on creating a simple and relevant ad to the page where it is placed. Here are a few tips for creating effective banner advertisement and their placement.

The best place to start your banner ad creation is researching the competition. If you don’t know your competition, you simply can’t compete. go to related websites in your industry and browse the type of banners displayed and where they are placed. By comparing the ads you like and those you don’t, you’ll be able to see if any common factors stand out.

Simplicity is the second rule for creating and placing effective banner ads. Remember, banner ads are placed amongst a plethora of other information, meaning that they will be competing for attention with a bunch of other things on the same page. On top of that, banner ads get limited display space so it’s important to keep them simple and straight to the point. Simple is what works. Clutter isn’t good.

Use words to put your message across. May studies by different companies have discovered a common negative trend about banner advertising: banner ads that have too much going on receive fewer clicks. In other words, less is more when it comes to banner ads. Use as few words as possible and format with larger fonts.

Place your banner ads in the right place. You must target the right audience, else your efforts will be a waste. If you’re creating superb banner ads for expensive gadgets, and with crisp copy targeting high school kids, you’re likely to fail miserably because they don’t have that much money. Therefore the place you place your banner advertisements greatly determines your ROI.

Use these tips to create banner advertising that is effective.

banner ad blueprint

banner ad blueprint


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