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Blogging Guide that Guarantee Wide Readership and Reader Retention

Starting a blog is a smart way to generate highly targeted traffic to your business website. Blog marketing enables you to build a formidable personal brand which in turn helps you to generate business leads.

Prior to this type of online marketing, you would have to set aside a fairly large advertising budget in order to succeed in online business. Today, you can drive quality traffic at almost zero cost.

However, before you think of joining the blogging band wagon, you need to use the best blogging guide that will make your experience memorable, particularly if your major drive for creating the blog is earning revenue. A couple of top bloggers have really hit it big blogging so you might like to learn from their blogging tips.

A blogging guide that stands out is one which ensures that your blog has huge appeal to your readers. Choose a niche that is somewhat broad so that you cater to a wider range of people’s appeals.

Provide up-to-date content, which means regular update of your posts. And while your niche can be broad, it’s important to stick to it alone so that you achieve higher reader retention. If you switch from one niche to another, not only do you lose focus but readers too.

If your niche has a broad perspective, it allows you to write content on a range of topics, which makes your content enjoyable to read. Online readers can easily get bored with the same topic being repeated over and over. Most bloggers fail because they assume that whatever they write about will interest readers.

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Thus, a good blogging guide should include tips on how to identify your readers’ problems and then provide the content that they want to read – solutions to their issues. For instance, if you choose to start a blog about pets, not many people will find it alluring if you keep narrating about your favorite pet.

Whereas your dog may be great, other people may prefer cats and definitely your dog stories will not be appealing to them. On the other hand, a blog that appeals to many people would be one about getting rid of pet fleas. This means you’ll have a wider audience because the theme cuts across.

Perhaps the most important blogging guide is seeking knowledge. The whole point of blogging is to exchange ideas. You don’t have to be a doctorate in a subject to start a blog. However, it’s important to keep reading about your main subject so that you don’t get caught off-guard.

Online readers peruse numerous forums and blogs for information, therefore you need to always stay one step ahead. The last thing you want is for readers to discover that you’re not as informed as you claim.

And finally, one blogging guide that guarantees wide readership is commenting on as many blogs as you can. Commenting on other people’s blogs gives them more reason to read posts on your own blog. You can spice it up a bit with a few controversial topics but care not to get too opinionated.

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