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Building Natural Inbound Links for SEO

Most of the big search engines regularly make changes to their search algorithm to improve their efficiency. However, majority of the time, they make those changes to fix dubious practices or black hat methods of disingenuous internet marketers.

Google made changes to their algorithm back in 2007 so that it would not highly rank websites that used to purchase paid links on other PageRank sites.

Many companies had taken on the business of brokering paid text and page links. Websites that purchased links to get higher ranking met penalties and as a result, many dropped drastically in search engines. Of course, many were baffled as this move by Google caught many off-guard.

Google’s algorithm, as well as most other search engines, works by ranking websites that have built up and grown naturally without any kind of shrewd schemes. In short, search engines, especially Google, do not like to be schemed.

Search engines, in a bid to better their algorithm, look out for websites that have grown popular because users think it is actually popular, not because a website paid its way up the ranking.

Therefore, to make your website popular, endeavour to get incoming links that look natural. It’s important then to know exactly what unnatural incoming links may be like. Here are examples:

dan brock lazy affiliate

Site 1: Has incoming links numbering 200 from high PageRank sites. This definitely looks unnatural.

Site 2: Has incoming links numbering 200 from PageRank 0 sites. There’s no way these links will pass high link reputation and will not help boost your search rankings.

Examples on natural looking inbound links:

Site 1: Has inbound links numbering 200 and there’s a combination of PageRank 0, 1,2,3,5, etc. This appears more natural and will do better than one with over 200 inbound links all from a PageRank 4 website.

Site 2: There are inbound links numbering 200 and pointing to a number of pages within the domain other than a single page.

The next thing is to have different anchor text links. For instance, if ‘web design’ is the keyword you’ve chosen and all the 200 incoming links contain the anchor text ‘web design’, then this will come off as unnatural.

In order to make it appear more natural, you need to have a variety of anchor text for the incoming links.

The next thing to accomplish while building natural links is to have the links point to many pages within the site rather than pointing to a single page. If you have many links to your subpages than your home page, then your inbound links will look more natural.

It’s of paramount importance in any SEO campaign to build natural inbound links. When a search engine algorithm detects that inbound links to a site look more natural, then it will deem the website as important. And since search engines continuously make changes to their algorithms, you are not likely to be caught off-guard using black hat methods.

Just like in life, the only constant is change even when it comes to search engines, so you need to keep it in mind that changes may affect your SEO campaigns.


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