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Classified Adverts That Will Get Good Replies And How To Write These

If you have some products and services you want to sell, one of the best channels to spread word about them is through classified ads.

It’s not only products and services that you can promote with classified ads but your website too. The number of views you get plus the replies you generate depends on where your ads are placed and how they are written.

The following tips will help you write effective classified adverts that will get good replies.

The first thing you need to focus on is a suitable category for your advert. Ads that are published in the appropriate section reach a bigger audience that is most probably interested in what you’re selling.

On the other hand, miscategorized ads will reach a few potential buyers. Whenever you’re not sure, ask a few people which area of the classified they are likely to check when looking for a product similar to yours. You could also contact the publication where you’re going to place your ad.

Your title should be short but honest and descriptive. For first letter nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs, use capital letters. Select one keyword to write entirely in caps. Don’t make your titles look like a scam or spam by writing in all caps and including exclamation marks.

Your title should be no more than 10 words and it should stand out from related titles. For instance, ‘Blue Audi A4 for sale, 40miles’ works better than ‘AWESOME CAR FOR SALE!!’.


Your advert’s body should be concise; ensure that all the necessary information that would be helpful to a buyer is included. Avoid irrelevant details and personal information. It could either pull a few individuals in, or turn them off.

The best thing is to omit the back story if you’re not sure how it will turn out. Put a purpose in each sentence and include the keywords people are likely to search for. This is particularly important for online ads. Keyword density increases your advert’s rank in search engines.

Be honest about what you’re selling. Your classified ad should not leave out important facts but is shouldn’t be exaggerated either. If you over hype your product, you may get a lot of traffic initially, but soon things start to unravel when people discover the truth and this hurts your business in the long run.

Use correct spelling and grammar, else you risk your ad being taken for granted. If you’re limited by words or space issues, make use of normal abbreviations or sentence fragments. Just make sure it can be understood. Think carefully when setting a price.

Low prices usually attract a lot of customers. Put your prices right at the front of your ads. Majority of people who peruse classified ads hardly have time to ask about prices. Don’t expect them to call you asking for a price that’s unlisted, unless your ad stands out.

Where possible, include photos for your items. Craigslist doesn’t limit the number of photos you can add, in addition to free postings.

Finally, ensure that your classified ad is proofread. Let a friend or family member go through your ads because there might be typos or ‘weird’ sentences that you missed.

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