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Email Deliverability Tips

The majority of opt-in email marketers today have concerns with spam, email bounces, black lists, and many others, which all affect the deliverability of email.

Spam is now one of the major issues that corporate domains and ISPs are battling with. There have been suggestions by some studies that spam accounts for 50 percent of all email.

As such, ISPs have adopted a number of email filtering and blocking techniques to control spam. Consequently, this has led to numerous instances where legitimate email is blocked by filters.

In extreme cases, your mail server could be flagged as a potential source of spam. Either way, your message will probably not be read by the intended recipient, which is referred to as a false positive in the email marketing sphere.

It is expensive to acquire customers so email deliverability is extremely crucial because it could mean loss of potential revenue and on top of that, you might already have invested a lot to acquire those emails.

Therefore, it’s important to understand what may cause your emails to bounce so that you may iron those issues out and ensure deliverability.

How to get your opt-in emails delivered

Become a Trusted Sender

When people subscribe to your email list, encourage them to add your address to their approved sender’s list. The shorter your address is, the easier it will be for your subscribers to remember, so keep it short and simple.


Learn How Email Filters Work

Before you send out your email messages, check your subject line, from line and the email text to ensure that it is free of suspicious wording and spam-like content. Avoid using all-caps and loud colored text, for instance red.

Excessive punctuation, incomplete words, excessive use of symbols, among others, may cause the filter to block that email. Do some research on how email filters work and what sort of content they block.

Do thorough analysis of your bounced emails

Your email marketing service should be able to categorize bounced emails, in addition to giving you detailed reports that enable you to analyze the addresses that have bounced. Eliminate hard bouncers from the list and you should also be able to easily correct minor spelling mistakes and omissions.

Observe your ‘reply to’ address

Spammers have often used the unsubscribe link to verify addresses rather than genuinely unsubscribing someone. As a result, a lot of people are wary of the unsubscribe function. Therefore you ought to be alert and monitor your ‘reply to:’ address. Simply unsubscribe requests coming to that address and eliminate those email addresses permanently.

Work with an email marketing service that is reputable

While you could go it alone, there’s really no need to. There numerous email marketing services that are based online and can cater to the needs of any type of business regardless of size. If you’re a non-technical user, this is the way to go.

When you use an email marketing service, you’ll have time to focus on promoting your business and service. A reputable email marketing company should be able to deliver your emails without any problems, build strong relationships with ISPs and get white-listed so that your opt-in email gets to the intended recipient.

With these tips, you can be assured of a higher email deliverability rate, and therefore higher prospects.

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