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Email Marketing Campaign Strategies

Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing methods for small businesses. When you need to communicate a message directly to a customer, email marketing can have profound impact.

However, if misused, email can easily become spam, and this can greatly erode your chances of selling online.

Every small business needs a well implemented email marketing strategy to attract new customers and quickly and cheaply generate sales more cheaply than traditional direct marketing. The following discussion looks at some of the best practices of email marketing and will also examine a few actionable points for an effective email marketing strategy.

Give Value in Your Email Campaigns

The biggest mistake that an email marketer can o is not to include anything of value in their email campaigns. Subscribers will only read your emails if they think that there’s something valuable. Provide information on topical issues, tips and tricks of problem solving, money making and saving techniques, and many more. More your email content a bit diverse so that you appeal to a wider audience.

Call To Action Should Be Clear

You send out an email campaign expecting your subscribers to take some action. However, they will not do that if you don’t clearly tell them what to do. Prior to creating your email campaign, identify an actionable step that should follow after your subscribers have read your email, and clearly state this. On that note, it’s important to craft your email messages in a coherent way that there’s a natural flow and easy steps to follow in order to execute the action.

Place your call to action in the beginning paragraphs. A subscriber should know the value that the email holds for them right when they’ve just started reading.

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Don’t Send Emails Too Often

You need to watch the frequency of your email campaigns. If you send out a campaign 3 times every day, you risk having your emails marked as spam. Ironically, if you take too long to email your subscribers, you may get the same problem.

While there are no rules as to the appropriate frequency of an email campaign, there are basic guidelines to follow, such as:

• Sending out more than one campaign a week is too much. No matter how interesting your content may be, people get nagged by incessant emails and may simply unsubscribe from your list.

• Send out email campaigns more than a few times in a year. When you spend several months silent, subscribers will soon forget about you and unsubscribe from your list

Sending Format Should Be Consistent

You can easily establish a consistent look and feel if you use a template format. A template format also allows easy creation and editing of campaigns, and subscribers will easily recognize your email campaigns and have an idea of what to expect. Consistency should be augmented with easy-to-read, professionally looking font formats. After you’ve put a template in place, experiment with small changes regularly.

Have both HTML and Text email formats

HTML email have visual appeal and most email marketers prefer sending this type. However, some subscribers may not be able to view HTML emails, depending on the client they are using, therefore provide both options to your subscribers.

Use Recipient’s Name To Address Them

Whenever you can, address recipients by name. It’s nothing revolutionary but this extra bit of personal touch has been proven to yield results.

These are the foundation tips. There are several other email marketing strategies that build on these ones so that you can have a solid email marketing strategy. When you’ve correctly implemented these, you can progress to the more advanced ones.

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