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According to the Internet marketing experts, e-mail is the most personal form of advertising in history. Because of this, a lot of online business owners immediately jump into sending e-mails to their clients and customers without really planning it out.

While e-mail marketing may indeed be very effective in promoting one’s brand and products, it can also be very dangerous to the company especially when it is not done right.

It would thus be essential that one follow through a few e-mail marketing tips to make sure that your messages are pleasing to the recipients and also to increase the chances of it being opened and responded to.

1) Ask for permission.

If you do not want to be marked as a spam sender and would not like to experience a streak of opt-outs, then you should always remember one of the most important of all e-mail marketing tips: always ask for permission.

Make sure that your subscribers actually asked for you to e-mail them with news and updates otherwise you could lose them and even be booted by your e-mail service provider due to violation of policies.

2) Set a schedule for sending the e-mail.

It would actually be best that your subscribers know when to expect your news instead of sending your e-mail too often that all you ever do is fill their inboxes every day with useless updates. Doing so would make sure that they look forward to your e-mails thereby increasing the chances of it being opened.


3) Design matters.

Design and layout, although often neglected, are in fact very important in e-mail marketing. One of the things that you can do is make sure that the color scheme of your messages match with that of your brand. However, you also have to make sure that your messages still look professional even with the color scheme.

Another important thing to remember is to make sure that your e-mails are adjusted for mobile use – your subscribers would surely not want to waste their time browsing through an entire page 10 times larger than their mobile’s screen size.

4) Include the right content.

It is very important to carefully think and plan on what content to include in your e-mail messages. As your subscribers will often not have the time to go through the entire message, you have to make sure that you economize your content and just focus on the important items.

At the bottom, include topics you are planning to put in the next message so that they would look forward to receiving it. It is also best to create a catchy and attention-grabbing phrase for your e-mail subject and your first sentence as it is the first few lines that will be read when it is still unopened.

5) Make sure your e-mails are easy to access.

Another of the most neglected e-mail marketing tips is that marketers often do not think of how their e-mails may look when using other e-mail clients. It is also best to use both plain text and HTML in these messages for flexibility in case subscribers view their e-mails in devices that do not support HTML. One last tip is to make sure that it is easy to unsubscribe from your mailing list – this option would be much better than if you would get a complaint for spamming. 

The best autoresponder service that I would reccomend is Aweber. Aweber is very easy to use when it comes to setting up a new campaign, inserting video or audio, and managing your subscribers across multiple lists.

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