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Five Killer SEO Mistakes

There are hundreds of experts giving online lectures about various SEO methods that can make your websites more friendly to search engines and therefore a higher rank.

Fact is many of the ideas are wanting, and lots of individuals are bent on making you purchase their ‘magic’ SEO solution so that they earn a commission from your purchase.

Below are five killer SEO mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

1. Cheap Content Writers

Perhaps at the start, you’ll find it easy to do everything by yourself, but with time, you’ll find that getting help is necessary. When it comes to maintaining your website and keeping it up to date, content creation is the most daunting task. It is also the most crucial one.

You will not have the time to create original content because it’s time consuming, so you’ll find someone to do it for you. You might be tempted to find a bargain when in fact you are going to waste more time correcting grammar errors and mistakes. Find a qualified content provider and pay them reasonable rates so that you save time.

2. Crazy Amount of backlinks in a Day

There is certainly no way you can get 5000 backlinks for less than $500 in 24 hours. Sadly, many internet entrepreneurs have fallen for these lies only to wake up and realize that 99.9 percent of the backlinks originate from dubious sites and cheap farm traffic. To make matters worse, you may get penalties from search engines, if your website is not totally banned.

So, now that you know, don’t make this mistake when implementing your SEO.

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3. Article Submission and Commenting Software

Instead of creating unique content and manually submitting it, or searching for good blogs to post comments, why not simply buy some black hat ‘groundbreaking’ software tool that will automate all those tasks for a one-off price of $49?

Sound really good but you might want to think twice. Truthfully, there’s no revolutionary tool of that kind. It can only be a spam software at best. One thing an article submission software tool cannot do is create readable content.

The best you can get is a set of unreadable sentences that have been rephrased to look like an article when in fact only a robot can make sense of it. There is no faster way to kill your website  than using article submission tools to spam the Internet. Note, it is not the submission software that is causing you the problems but rather what you and how you use the software.

4. Keyword Stuffing

A few years ago, you could stuff your content with repeated keywords and get away with it, but not anymore. As people got smarter, search engine algorithms were made sharper too. You cannot get away with keyword stuffing now.

Besides the fact that your website will get itself a lower rank, not many people will want to read an article that repeats a phrase of words three times in one paragraph.

5. Hunt for Page Rank

Pagerank is very rarely updated. What you need to know is what your site’s real agenda is: making more money or achieving a higher page rank?

For starters, page rank doesn’t necessary result in a higher search engine ranking, otherwise how would you explain why Google ranks a site with lower page rank over a site with higher pagerank!

The answer is ‘relevance’. If Google (and most other search engines) finds that your website is more relevant to the search query, it will rank you higher.

So, pay attention to these mistakes and avoid them at all costs.

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