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If you’re a website owner or marketer, it’s incumbent upon you to keep abreast with what is taking place on your website so that you can make improvements and get better results.

You can make use of a range of website analytics tools that will generate this data and analyze trends that will help you understand user activity on your website better.

There’s a range of options you can choose from when it comes to website analytics. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best free options for your website analytics and improve your internet marketing results.

Google Analytics

By all means, Google Analytics leads the pack in the free website analytics tools list. It is absolutely free to use on whichever website without restrictions on how many page views can be tracked or reports that can be compiled.

If you’re a basic user, you’ll be getting basic functionality like number of visitors on your website, pageviews you get, the source of traffic, search phrases that get visitors on your website, among others.

An advanced user can generate custom reports, create pivot tables, use goal tracking and much more. There’s simply too much data available and sometimes it can be too much for new Analytics users but the basic reports are straight forward and easy to grasp.

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Among the several alternatives to Google Analytics, AWStats is the most popular and most hosting accounts have it installed. It is freely distributed under the GNU General Public License. With AWStats, you will get in depth information about your visitors, browsers and operating systems used, as well as screen size. And of course, you also get pageview and visitor counts.


Piwik’s objective is to be the open-source alternative to Google Analytics and more than 150,000 websites are currently using it. This PHP/MySQL based program is freely downloadable and is installed on personal web servers. This reason makes its installation more involved than that of Google Analytics. Piwik is basically a good alternative for people who dislike giving their details to Google.

Grape Web Statistics

Grape is the simplest of the four leading analytics programs. With it, you get basic statistics like number of website visitors, pageviews and referrals. For much of 2011, it was in beta version. If you’re interested in an easy-to-use open source program, Grape Web Statistics is a great option.

Trace Watch

This is a totally free analytics program that provides some great real-time statistics. You get all the basic data and statistics, in addition to defining your own custom data. Additional features offered by Trace Watch include path analysis that establishes the quality of your navigation, and you can get comprehensive information on given recent visitors and the precise path they used.


GoingUp’s features like user profile data, traffic trend analysis, traffic trend analysis, basic web stats, inbound link monitoring and heat maps give you a range of useful information. There are many more tools and features provided by GoingUp and its relatively simple user interface make it easy for beginners.

These are the top six free web analytics tools that will get you pretty much every statistic you need to keep an eye on. There are certainly many other tools out there depending on your particular needs.

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