Internet Marketing Strategies And Tips

Get Targeted Visitors From Search Engines

If you’re an internet marketer, you probably know that targeted traffic increases your chances of converting your visitors into potential customers who will go ahead and purchase a service or product from your website.

Search engines are a great place to source organic traffic that is targeted. Understanding how you can tap into this potential using search engines is important for improving your sales prospects.

How search engines rank websites

Search engines use special programs called ‘spiders’ that crawl billions of web pages every day. These ‘spiders’ crawl pages based on a given set of words, and then keep an index of the words they’ve located and the address of where they’ve located them.

When users type words into a search engine, it will look in that index to search for those specific words or combinations of words. On a web page, a spider will typically look at the content in the Meta tags of the HTML page for these words.

However, before pages are indexed, they are weighted by special search engine algorithms, which take in a number of factors, including where certain words are places, number of incoming links and where they are coming from, etc.

As an internet marketer, your focus should be the factors that determine this weighting. Once you grasp these, you can work to strengthen these factors so that you generate natural traffic from search engines.

Here are some of the things you can do to influence your website’s weighting factors.


Article marketing

Here, you basically create articles and submit them to article directories. What you achieve in this is increasing backlinks to your website. While submitting articles, you need to focus on quality of content, and then selecting the best article submission directories.

The reason you should submit to the top directories is because they have more ‘authority’ and therefore get indexed faster by search engines. The more articles you submit, the better for you, so long as your content is of high quality. Check out Article Bot to help you submit your articles to hundreds of directories.

Social bookmarking

Precisely, social bookmarking will help you build deep links, which in turn will increase your backlinks and therefore your page rank in search engines. The best way to accomplish this is by bookmarking your articles and backlinks. Do not spend a whole day bookmarking websites as that could be time wasting. Instead, use an automated software like Social Bot to help you increase your productivity,

Blog commenting

Blogs are one of the best tools you can use to generate highly targeted organic traffic. This is because blogs are online communities where people of similar likes and tastes converge and spend hundreds of minutes engaging each other about a given subject of interest.

Ensure this strategy doesn’t eat up a lot of your time by targeting popular blogs in your niche. The best way to use blogs for organic traffic is to leave informative comments on the appropriate niche blogs.

RSS marketing

While it’s often overlooked, this is another powerful way to build organic traffic from search engines. RSS has got enormous benefits although a bit complex. But if used correctly, you can be able to create thousands of backlinks, build fresh content for your website, and even generate affiliate product feeds combined with content. RSS is absolutely amazing although greatly underutilized. For a great RSS submitter software, check out RSS Bot.

These are the four leading ways to generate free organic search traffic. If done correctly, you will realize enormous amounts of traffic beyond belief. Tackle one method at a time so that you don’t waste a lot of time trying to do all at once and you end up implementing nothing.

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