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Get Your Articles And Backlinks On Other Websites To Increase Traffic

If you own a blog, website, or you just write content for different article websites, you are probably always on the lookout for ways to increase the number of readers of your content, which means more traffic.

Increasing readership of your articles can also be through backlinks – which are essentially links posted to any website that lead back to yours.

There is a lot that goes into backlinks and its net effect on your SEO that you must consider for search engines to give you a higher rank.

Things like the authority of web pages where your backlinks are posted, the specific area where the links are placed, the associated tags, among others, all determine the weight of your backlinks in the search engines. Note that the number of backlinks has no effect on their weight.

So how do you get back links? Let’s look at four methods to get backlinks on other websites.

Paid Backlinks – Hundreds of websites provide great deals for thousands of backlinks. Some are subscription based, whereas others sell links in packages. While this is a faster way to get backlinks, there are also many dodgy companies that provide spam links from websites that are not credible.

Besides, search engines are always suspicious of massive amounts of backlinks built over a short period of time. Therefore you will want to be more cautious when considering this approach.


Manually created backlinks – While this method is time consuming, it might easily be the most effective. Reason is because you know where you want to place your links. To create manual links by yourself, you can search for blogs and websites that share interests with yours, and then commenting on a topic that interests you. make sure your comments are insightful and knowledgeable, not just writing for the sake. At the end of your comment, insert a link back to your site.

As you continue to catch people’s attention, they will be compelled to check out your site by clicking your link.

In the same regard, you can request to post content on those blogs or websites as a guest author, and place links to your websites on the websites you’re posting your articles. Also, share your articles on social media platforms as well.

Free backlinks providers – Certain websites that offer paid services for backlinks also occasionally run promotions or periodic limited free accounts that can enable you build a limited number of backlinks. You can make the most of these offers but make sure you are dealing with credible providers.

Social Bookmarking websites – You can also build free backlinks using social bookmarking sites. Again, there is a lot involved here. These sites simply allow you to store your favorite bookmarked sites and share them with your friends. You can submit your website to as many social bookmarking sites as possible, as this will increase your relevance in search engines (because of the links).

With these methods, you can get your articles exposed and your website will receive increased traffic. remember, the number of links doesn’t matter as much as their quality (weight).




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