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Google AdWords – How to Write an Effective Ad Copy

To a beginner, writing highly effective Adwords ad copy may seem easy. The truth is that it’s not. Pay Per Click platforms enforce strict guidelines on the length and body of the ad.

What this implies is that your sales message has to be put across in a short ad, something that can prove hard if you’re not going by the rules.

In this internet marketing article, we’ll discuss a couple of tips to help improve your Adwords ad writing so that you craft ad copy that will result into a highly responsive ad campaign.

Your copy should entail a list of the best benefits your prospects stand to gain, written from the most important to the least. What most people do is to elaborately list the features of their product in the ad space and wait for people to click on the ad.

People already know what they are looking for and they’ve probably seen dozens of similar products. What they really want to know is whether they will get any extra benefit by buying your product. It can be a small saving in terms of time or money.

Naturally, people are selfish, so the added benefits invoke the emotions associated with the things they like. So, the key thing you ought to keep in mind here is to clearly express your product’s benefits in a powerful way. Not all your benefits will echo with all your prospects but at least one or two will.


You shouldn’t end there; ensure that your ads are put to the test to identify which ad copy generates more conversions. By now, you should know your product’s strongest benefit to the customer.

Use this in your ad copy. Your job as a copywriter is precisely this: identifying the strongest points your service or product offers and make them the highlight of the ad you’re writing.

A prospect should be able to instantly see this. Do not include words in your copy that do not need to be there. Regardless of the circumstances, you need to split test your ads to get the highest conversions.

One of the tested and proven approaches is to pose a compelling question in your ad copy. It shouldn’t be one that makes prospects think a lot. Rather, ask a question that simply drives the point home. Ensure that the eagerness to know the answer is overwhelming. It’s not rocket science, you just have to sit down and think carefully.

Once you’ve grasped the basics of writing solid Pay Per Click ads, the rest is just a matter of patience before your efforts start paying off. You’ll realize that experience is one thing that will give you an edge with time.

You might feel intimidated in the beginning but keep focused and in time you’ll see progress. If these simple rules sink in, there’s no looking back. Everyone wants to succeed but not every person has the will to do what it takes. If you have the will, you’re already one step ahead of the game.

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