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Guide on Resale Rights for the Master Reseller

Think of this situation. You’ve just acquired rights to some amazing collection of digital products that comprises eBooks, a tool set for web masters, and a collection of PLR articles.

You eagerly read on the sales page copy how you can rake up huge profits from your resale rights products. According to the buyer’s agreement, you have digital resell rights.

Can you sell the products in your eBay shop with your name on it?

Most probably, you’ll be in violation of the buyer’s agreement if you do sell the package, at least as per the situation described above.

The whole issue of resale rights, and particularly what rights you get as a purchaser, is quite a complicated thing tangled between distribution rights and intellectual property laws. This is a slightly more advanced internet marketing topic which I hope to address here.

These two are always subject to constant change, particularly on the web where a classification process is still underway for the various rights of authors, copyright owners and creators.

And if you’ve just been introduced to the business of master resale rights, the legalities and terminology can seem too much. Even when you’ve been in the business for years, it can still be confusing because there’s constant change of definitions as the terms under which content is sold keep being refined and re-defined by the sellers.

Do not be surprised to find that this information may be outdated in just a space of two weeks, so before you delve into the specific definitions of certain terms in the resale business, you need to know the number one rule of purchasing resale rights at any level: carefully read the fine print in the terms and conditions.

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There should be clear definitions in the terms and conditions agreement of what you can do with the content you’ve bought. Resell rights, private label rights, basic and master resell rights may all have different interpretations by different sellers so it’s important to get your definitions rights at the start.

Here are the most common levels of resell rights:

Basic resell rights (resale rights)

With these rights, you are able to sell a product to other people. Restrictions may limit you on how much you can charge and the places you can sell the product. While you may keep the whole sale price amount you make from the product, you don’ t have ownership rights and cannot alter the product in anyway.

Master resell rights

Here, you’ll be able to sell the product itself as well as the rights to sell it. You could sell it as a package with the right to sell it, or you could omit the right to sell it. You don’t have the right to alter anything about the product unless expressly stated. This means that you’re not supposed to make changes even if there are errors in the source code or elsewhere.

Private Label rights (PLR)

These are entirely a different set of rights that may come together with resell rights. You can use your own label and sell the product as if it were yours. In some instances, PLR allows you to alter the product before selling it but this isn’t always included with these rights. Changes are usually limited to labelling and branding. Ensure that you properly read what your agreement stipulates.

Unrestricted PLR

With these rights, the assumption is that you’re the product owner and hence, you treat is as if you authored it. Basically, you could make changes to it, put your own label, claim authorship, and sell it in parts or as a whole. Resell rights may not be included though. Just make sure you carefully read the rights that come with unrestricted PLR – you may be surprised to learn that parts of it have restrictions.

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