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How Are Inbound Links Important?

The creation of inbound links is crucially important to improving search engine ranking. It’s not all about creating these links but also how you create them that determines their effect.

They are the unsung hero of effective inbound marketing. Inbound links help to boost traffic, improve SEO, and – if used by a leading news outlet – can be a powerful public relations tool.

But what exactly is an inbound link? Simply put, an inbound link is a link connecting a website to another website. The description ‘inbound link’ is usually used by the website receiving the link or where the link is placed.

So why must you have inbound links? There are two main reasons. The first one is that it provides an opportunity for you to get referral traffic from a different website. If you have an inbound link on your website from a popular blog, for instance, it is a channel for that blog’s readers to visit your website. Therefore, it’s also obvious that the amount of traffic you stand to receive directly depends on the amount of traffic that blog receives.

Besides the immediate benefits of increased traffic generated from inbound links, there are even more long term benefits connected to your search engine optimization.

It is worth remembering that not all inbound links receive the same treatment. Your focus should be getting links from healthy, authoritative websites. There are tools that can help you ‘grade’ the value of each new link you receive on your website. There are three main aspects of a good inbound link:

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1. It originates from an authoritative website. No matter how good your grandmother’s pet blog may be, a link from it will not carry as much authority as one from a website like, for instance, CNN.

2. It should use anchor text. This refers to the text by which the link is displayed. For instance, to link to another site, you can either write out your entire URL (, or you can use anchortext (CNN).

3. It should have anchor text that’s descriptive. The benefit of using anchor text as in point number 2 is because it allows the linker to give a description of the linked-to website in the link itself.

This is important for the receiver of the link because it avails more information about his or her website. For instance, CNN would probably prefer anchor text ‘global news’ so that search engines can rank it a little higher for the term ‘global news’.

This is the same logic you should use with your inbound anchor text. Choose the words or key phrases best describing your service or product. In turn, search engines will rank you better for those terms, which is the whole point of SEO. It will also mean that you get targeted traffic and hence increase your chances of making sales leads.

With this insight about inbound links and their importance, all you’re left with is to carefully incorporate them into your SEO strategies and watch your website traffic rate shoot through the roof.

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