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How To Do A Backlink Check

Whenever you’re carrying out a link building campaign, you will want the ability to monitor your progress so that you can tell if there are any backlinks you’re actually building on your site.

You’ll want to see which links are ‘nofollow’, the sites from where the links are coming, the anchor text used with the links, and so forth. There are several sites that can help you do a backlink check.

There is a Google service as well that can help you do the checks, and although it works, Google does not consider every link listed to your website, so many webmasters are discouraged. At times, no links are shown at all.

But beyond Google, there are other sites and affiliate marketing tools to try out, which we’ll discuss below.

Of course, all these sites are not built equal, and possibly none of them can give you a 100 percent list of the number of links leading back to your site. One thing’s for sure; some are clearly better than others.

You can try each one out to see which one best meets your needs. Realistically though, you cannot, and should not even try to use every listed site. Rather, select a few that come close to your expectations and instead of comparing stats between them, create a spreadsheet and do a weekly check, noting the number of backlinks listed by each of the tools.

Get the number listed on a resource that week and compare to the number listed on that very resource the previous week. This will give you a clearer idea of how you’re progressing.


The Sites

Link Checker by SEO Pro – This is one of the best backlink checking services you will find. It takes a bit of time to generate the URL list but it’s one of the few tools that actually display the real page rank of the pages on which your link is.

It also shows you the number of links on that page, the links that use the ‘nofollow’ attribute, and the anchor text used. It also allows you check the number of backlinks for every page of your site, or simply the leading domain. Generally, if you’re going to use one tool to check your backlinks, it would have to be this one.

SubmitEdge’s Link Checker tool – This also includes an Alexa tool and a Page Rank tool. It is quite limited in what it gives, which is basically a few stats and that’s it. You will not get a list of links, no breakdown of link Page Rank, nothing generally. It’s just ideal for a fast check whilst doing your link building or content creation.

Backlink watch tool from RankAlert – With this tool, you’ll get the results for the top 1000 links. If you just want the amount of backlinks, which page they are on and the respective Page Rank, then this tool is ideal.

Backlink Checker from iWebTools – This tool is pretty basic. You’ll get the number of backlinks, the pages where the links are listed, and the respective Page Rank. This site’s advantage is that it loads pretty fast, at least when you compare to other sites in this list.

Other tools include: Backlinks Checker tool from Backlink Watch; Backlink PageRank Check from Smart PageRank; and Free Website Valuation from Professional Link Building.

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