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How To Maintain A Relationship With Your Mailing List

A mailing list is one of the most powerful online marketing tools. Compared to other methods, a mailing list is cheap and offers higher returns on investment.

The power of a mailing list is that it puts you in direct contact with your customers or potential customers. This makes it extremely important to maintain a good relationship with your mailing list.

It doesn’t matter whether your list is big or small. It is the type of relationship or connection you have with the individuals on your list that matters. You can make a lot of money with a small list so long as you know how to handle the people on the list.

One good way to create a connection and maintain it with the people on your list is to engage with them on a more personal level. This entails the way you address them to the content of your emails. You will want to ensure that your emails are more conversational than formal communications.

You probably have two types of people on your list: customers and prospects. The conversational approach shouldn’t really be different in both cases. It’s the frequency that might change.

For the prospects, send them email at least once every week, and for your customers, make it at least once every two weeks. The point here is to keep on their ‘radar’ because when you take so long to get in touch, they might forget about you.


Send them special offers on a regularly basis to keep them interested and to get them to actually open and read your emails. This works for both prospects and customers but more so for prospects. Give your prospects something valuable free of charge and then the special offers exclusively to list members. It makes them feel important and it definitely wins them over.

The most important thing you have to ensure with the people on your list is to get them to respond. It might be a quiz, survey, and the like. Getting them to respond will help you gauge their preferences and therefore be able to segregate your list according to preferences.

Provide information that is of value. Give your prospects and customers what they need, not what you think they want. This is why you need to constantly engage them to get their views. Not all list members will buy your products, but if they get valuable information through your emails, they will stay on the list and probably buy something from you in future.

Finally, when you want your email subscribers to buy your product, offer an exclusive ‘buy it now’ price when you’re closing your email. The product should be in line with the information you provide and it should be able to address their problems.

Your email list represents actual people with feelings and emotions so keep this in mind when interacting with them. Keep your emails relevant, maintain a suitable frequently and segment your list to avoid sending blanket emails. If you stick to these points, you’ll maintain a healthy, responsive list.

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