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How To Rank Your Website on Top in Search Engines Results

Factors that influence the ranking of your website in search engines are one of the most closely guarded secrets in the internet marketing arena.

All the major search engines like Google do not publish exactly how their algorithms rank web pages in search results, and they have some valid reasons.

For instance, imagine if we all knew exactly how Google’s PageRank algorithm works, the system would be massively manipulated and it would generate results that were not useful.

The good think is that you don’t need to know the inner workings of Google’s search algorithm. There is a good number of professionals who have mastered – through cumulative experience – how page ranking works in most search engines. The majority of these professionals agree to a certain set of factors that affect placement in search engines.

Here are the top ten factors that highly influence a website’s ranking in search engine results.

1. Keywords in the TITLE tag

If you don’t have much time to do all other SEO optimization techniques on your websites, find time to create optimized titles. Precisely speaking, include your target keywords in the title tag of your webpage.

The text that is displayed on top of your browser window is the title tag. The meta title is what will appear as a link in search results. So, include all search keywords in the title tag of your web pages.

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2. Anchor Text of Inbound Links

Anchor text refers to the clickable text of a link that people can see. It’s the way your link is described on other websites that link to your web pages.

When you’re promoting your content by linking to other websites, request for your preferred anchor text to be displayed when they opt to link back to your site.

The anchor text you choose should help your site rank better in search engines for your targeted keywords. Therefore include the search keywords for which you want your page to rank highly.

3. Link Popularity of your Website

Link popularity is basically the number of websites linking to yours. In general, search engines will deem your website as important if you have more inbound links to it. Every link counts as a ‘vote’ and the more votes you get, the more relevant your content will seem to search engines.

However, it’s not all about quantity but the quality of the links matters too.

4. Age of Your Website

Yes, that’s right. Your website’s age matters a great deal. Basically, the older a website, the better for its ranking. It’s pretty hard to fake a website’s age, and search engine figure that a website that has been around for some time is more relevant than a brand new one. Nonetheless, start today and be patient as you optimize for search engines.

5.  Link Popularity of Internal Links

This refers to how prominent a particular page is within your own website. When your internal link structure is not good, certain pages may not get the emphasis they deserve.

Therefore if you want to highlight the importance of a web page, include your main navigation to link to it from the home page.

These are the factors considered the most important for search engine ranking of a website. Others include: relevance of inbound links to your content, popularity of websites linking to you and how keywords are used in the body text.



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