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How to Be a Good Deal Maker

We want them to buy what we're selling, but we can't just say "hey, buy this!" We must convince them that they are getting a good deal and that it will positively impact their life for years.

Most of you are probably thinking, "duh" right about now. The point of Internet Marketing is obviously to make a profit and to sell people on our products.

But, it's more than that. The point is to create value in something you have that will convince someone to give up something of value in return.

Arguably, your customer's money is far more valuable to you than a digital copy of an eBook.

And yet they still pay for it. How do you convince them that the deal is good for them?

The Red Paper Clip

If you haven't heard this story before, it's one of the truly amazing deal making success stories of the last decade. The culprit is Kyle MacDonald, an aspiring actor who, in 2005 decided he wanted to trade a single red paper clip for a house.

It took him one year and fourteen trades, but he managed to steadily increase the value of the items he traded for on his quest for a house. The big question most people will ask right away is, how?

But, here's the thing. Kyle managed to find the value in every item he received, track down someone who recognized that value and then trade up for an item of comparatively more value. After just five trades, he had already landed himself on Montreal radio and upped his way to a snowmobile.

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What We Can Learn

The point of this story is that value is not set in stone. There is no universal price guide that says a book is worth $20 and a paperclip is worth $0.25. What Kyle MacDonald proved on his way to a new house in Kipling, Saskatchewan is that value is relative to an individual's need.

By carefully considering what people wanted and what they needed and ensuring he always boosted the value from one offer to the next, he was able to get his ultimate dream goal - a house.

With your own customers, you must think the same. Don't think of your offer as a commodity that has a value set already when you write it. All eBooks are not worth just $27, just like all red paperclips are not worth just a quarter.

I've seen marketers make six figures from a 10,000 word report on a subject of great importance to many readers. That information was incredibly valuable to thousands of readers and they were able to make a deal that everyone was happy with.

How to Make Your Own Deals

When you create a new offer in the Internet Marketing field, you should always ask yourself, "what kind of deal can I make"? Whether you're trying to get JV partners, new affiliates, or make sales, the goal needs to be to make a deal that will leave you with something of greater value.

If you constantly think in terms of what you can offer that is valuable to your customers, while still gaining something of value for yourself (in this case, money), you will almost always come away one step closer to your "house".

And the next time you ask yourself where you'll make your next sale on the Internet, ask yourself first what kind of deal you can make. What do you have to offer that someone else will find valuable. Now, target that person and make your deal.

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