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How to Boost Your Website Loading Speed

If you happened to drop by one of the Google blogs in early April, you likely saw that Site Speed is joining the list of over 200 different indicators for search rankings.

A few people are panicking because site speed can be a tricky thing to deal with.

But, don't worry. Your site speed does not have to be the determining factor in your overall search engine ranking strategy.

There are a number of things you can do to overcome the effects of a slow site. You just need to take some time and rethink a few basic details.

Also, keep in mind that, as Matt Cutts has said on his own blog, this change affects less than 1% of websites, and even then the effects are minimal. Unless your site is crawling along at ungodly slow speeds, you'll probably be fine.

Optimizing for Loading Time

As for how to actually boost the loading time of your website, there are quite a few things you can do. To start with, Google provides endless tools for how to boost your site speed. If you have your sites submitted in Webmaster Tools - you can review site speed boosting tips there.

Additionally, Google has offered the following tips for how to boost your site's speed:

* Compression and Compiling - One of the many tools that Google is touting of late is compression, specifically GZIP compression. Almost all browsers utilize this option, but few websites deliver compressed content.

Many times, compressed content is not delivered because of antivirus, browser problems, proxies, and problems on your own web server. Educating your readers about ideal browsers and then optimizing your own server can help with this.

I would talk to a programmer for the technical side of this, but if you have a content heavy site, compression is a good tool to reduce load times.

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* Page Speed - Another very useful thing you can do is to speed up the load time of your pages, simply by adjusting some basic aspects of the site. Google wants site owners to compress their images, using PNG files when possible as they can be reduced in size more easily.

They are also telling site owners to shrink down JavaScript using tools like JSMIN to minimize the files and compress them on the server. Additionally, having a programmer clean up any unused CSS can be highly effective.

Often, CSS in a template website may never be used. Large templates might have endless lists of CSS that can be removed to speed up your Page Load Speeds. Choosing a reliable webhost could also help improve this issue.

* More Text, Less Media - Media is important, but it needs to be used carefully. Hosted flash sites are a major drain on loading speed, as are massive image maps or GIFs that take up huge chunks of space.

The easiest way to solve these problems is to keep your site designs simple and minimal. If you have videos, host them on YouTube and don't load them when the site opens. If you have images, compress them and cut down on their size.

Additionally, the amount of text on any one page can be controlled. If you own a blog, cut down the number of posts on page one to 5 instead of 10. If you have a sales page, keep the word count under 3,000 words. Simple tasks like this will have a tremendous impact.

Luckily for us, site speed is less of an issue today than it was 10 years ago. Technology makes having a fast website relatively easy. However, if you know your site is a slow loader, either because of the programming or your web host, it may be time to make some substantial changes.

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