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How to Build a Website Using Wordpress

Wordpress is one of the most popular open source blogging platforms. This tool can be used to build a website, especially for those who want to establish their own business.

It is easy to use this type of program to build a website. In fact, wordpress was invented by people who don’t have an expertise with web design. This means that even non technical people are capable of building their own website.

How to build a website using wordpress

1. Install wordpress in your computer

If you don’t have wordpress yet, then you might want to check some downloadable stuff online. There are a lot of websites that offer downloads of Wordpress. But be sure to get the updated version so that your website will never get outdated.

You should also make sure that wordpress is supported by your web host. Keep in mind that if your web host doesn’t meet the requirements, you’ll have a hard time making your website.

2. Get used to the tools

This is the next step on how to build a website using wordpress. You have to get used to the various admin tools to customize your website, particularly the post and page builder. Most of the tools you need is located at the post and page builder so be sure to get acquainted with it. The post tool is used to blog entries while the page tool is used to add news and stories to a website.

Be sure to install a few other essential wordpress plugins to make your online business easier to manage.

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3. Add post and pages to your site

This is an important step on how to build a website using wordpress. To add a new post, you have to log in to the administrator’s control panel and look for the post manager. Once you get there, you’ll be able to add, edit, and delete posts from your website. The same method is used for pages. Once you get to add posts and pages, your website will already have content to begin with.

4. Customize your website

There are many ways to customize a website. The most common tool is the plugins. There are a lot of plugin. Just go to your wordpress codex at the main website and look for plugin tools, made by third party developers.

5. Add a theme

This should be done on how to build a website using wordpress. Simply add a theme wordpress and customize the looks of your website. If you want to have an excellent theme or make great header graphics, you might want to look for web developers, which offer services for free or with pay.

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