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How to Choose a Good Domain Name

If you want to make your presence known on the internet, you should know how to choose a good domain name. The domain name is the gateway for your internet identity.

However, the problem is that all good domain names are already taken. Always keep in mind that your domain name is the first thing that most of your customers will notice so you should be careful in making a choice.

A good domain name plays a vital role for having a successful online marketing business. With a  good domain name,  you can easily make an impression on your potential even before they visit your site. So consider some of these tips on how to choose a good domain name.

1. Keep your domain name short. Do not put long and unmeaningful words for your domain name. Make sure that the words are simple and short that it will fit nicely on your website. If your domain name is long, you’ll create problems for your website’s visitors when they try to type it in the web browser.

On top of that, if you intend to buy and sell websites on Flippa, a good domain name can increase the valuation of the website.

2. Do not use numbers. Avoid using numbers for your domain name. Using numbers can cause confusion, especially when gathering lots of potential customers. Remember that numbers are not that effective as a domain name so you should always consider this.

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3. Know the major keyword and keyword phrase for your website. This is an effective way on how to choose a good domain name. Make sure to put the right keyword and keyword phrase for your website. It is much effective to use the right keyword in to get better search engine rankings in Google.

4. Use hyphens. You can use hyphens to your domain name but limit them to one or two only. Hyphens can be to used as an alternative to get over very competitive and common phrases.

If your business is about guitar playing, chances are, common phrases like, are taken. You can sometimes get over this with adding a hyphen. For example,

5. Stick to .com's.  The bottom line, .org and .net extensions are the kind of domain names you can consider using. Resist your urges to use .info, .biz even if they are available.

These domain name extensions are harder to rank in search engines and are not commonly known to most Internet users. Take note of this search engine optimization strategy as it goes a long way in helping your website get organic traffic.

These are the steps on how to choose a good domain name. Make sure to follow them so that you will find it easy to get established on the internet. It is not that hard to follow them because they are simple and easy.


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