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How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your SEO Campaign

For any online business, the success of its SEO campaign relies on its targeted keywords. All the major search engines consider several facets of the main keywords on a web page when placing it in their search results page.

Things like keyword density and area of usage on a page matter a lot to search engines.

Having said that, it’s important to note that the programs used by search engines to rank web pages are very complex and consider so many other aspects other than keyword density and location.

Website Scope

Prior to starting a SEO campaign, you must clearly know what your website is about. You need to thoroughly analyze its offerings in relation to what the competition is offering. In other words, you need to know where you stand before you embark on the campaign so that you set realistic goals within achievable limits.

The Keywords

Once you where you stand, the next thing is to focus on identifying the keywords that most accurately describe what you’re dealing in and will most likely be used by people searching for what you offer.

Search engines do their best to deliver the most relevant results to users. As such, they continually make their algorithms better. For you, this means that you should select keywords that will not only attract visitors in the short term, but will also be effective in the long-term. You need to understand that the keywords you select should be able to make it in today’s fiercely competitive online environment.


Additionally, you must understand the importance of your keywords when it comes to your popularity offline. The keywords you choose even become more important if your presence is an online one. This is because they determine if your business becomes profitable or not.

Here are the tips for selecting the right keywords.

Be specific about the keywords you’re targeting. If you’re in a niche that’s less competitive, then you can afford to use keywords that broadly represent it, for instance, ‘cardboard manufacturer’.

But if you deal in books, you cannot use a generic phrase like ‘book store’ because there are online book store giants that you cannot manage to displace in search engine rankings, such as Amazon. You will instead want to be more specific about what you offer and possibly your geographic location, for instance, ‘Scottish book store in Dundee’.

Make an analysis of your competitors’ websites. Try to establish what keywords your competitors use by closely analyzing their websites. Use this information to your advantage when optimizing your website. However, don’t try to replicate another website or you may be penalized or even banned by search engines.

Choose keywords that are not frequently used. When you find yourself competing with more established businesses, choose names that are not so common for your offerings, whenever possible. You will get a couple of buyers, even if the majority will go to the big sellers.

To sum up, you must be realistic about the potential of your website when choosing the right keywords for your SEO campaign. You can find the right keywords only after carrying out keyword research.

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