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How to Churn Out Good Articles

It takes great passion and expertise to be a professional content writer. One distinguishing quality of great content writers is that they can easily express their thoughts and feelings in their writing.

You will always discover distinct traits of style in the writings of great professional writers and how this can help you in your article marketing efforts.

What makes a good article?

One of the first marked features in the work of a good article writer is the choice of words, which are usually contextual and meaningful. Every word that the writer uses effectively communicates what he intends to communicate.

Secondly, you will notice a clear, flowing sequence of ideas and thoughts. Every good writing piece will have a visible sequence without the awkward pauses or lines that seem misplaced. Well written articles are also short, concise and simple, without fluff but at the same time encompassing all major points.

Good writing does not espouse the writer’s personal opinions but rather, it maintains an objective tone and aims to be informative. As a reader, you will not be left in suspense. Great content is easy to read and comprehend because it’s usually on point.

How to write good articles

Due to the fact that the more articles one writes the more they earn, there’s a tendency for many writers to focus on quantity other than quality. However, a good writer can still churn out a number of articles without compromising on quality. Here is how.

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Firstly, when you are assigned writing work, the first then you want to do is to identify the keyword and group similar ones together. This helps you to save time during your research because you’ll collect points for the keywords in a single category.

Use a rough draft to organize information under the different headings that matches the various keywords in a category. As you keep sourcing for good information from good sources, jot the points down under the relevant headings.

You can then begin the actual writing. You already have a rough draft so all you need to do is to interpret the points in a logical and clear sequence that’s easy for any reader to grasp. Ensure that the language you use is different from that of the source. Where possible, write in simple sentences, which can get you more readership.

At this point, your article is almost complete but it can never be complete until you touch it up. As you made your research, you must have noticed areas that needed improvement in the original work, perhaps an addition, exclusion, or better sentence construction. Put this in your article and it will be unique.

When you’re done with one keyword, move to the next one in the category. You’ve already noted the points down too so just construct logical sentences using your own ideas and words. Ensure it is different from the original work.

When you carefully follow the above points, you’ll find that you are able to churn out one article after another, as long as they are of the same parent category. In order to speed up your writing, you only have to cut down on research time by researching related keywords simultaneously.

Needless to say, the more time you save researching, the more time you have to edit and format your articles so that you submit quality work. 

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