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How to Make Great Header Graphics

When it comes to internet marketing strategies, a whole lot of attention goes into all the little things needed for your content, the backlinks, the reviews and everything in between.

But, one of the simplest and most important parts of a good website is a solid header graphic - that little banner or title that appears above your articles, reviews, or link pages.

This is one important website design element to increase trust in your visitors.

I know what you're all saying - you're not a graphic designer and that's what outsourcing is for.

But, more and more marketers are figuring out how to make their own header graphics these days as they turn to tools like XHeader - a free tool with easy to use background and text integration that slaps together quality headers in seconds.

Getting XHeader

The software is available from and is free for the basic version. You'll need to give them your email address and sign up for their mailing list, but the software has no strings attached, other than that you won't get quite as many themes and backgrounds if you don't pay the fee for the Pro version of the software.

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For most people, the free software is all you'll ever need to master the basics of your header designs.

But, if you're planning on building a few hundred websites, you may want to upgrade your membership to the Pro for the small fee, just so you have all those extra options at your fingertips.

Using XHeader to Build Custom Headers

Actually using Xheader is incredibly simple. The software is built in a way that you basically just need to choose the background style that you want - from the list of templates (or you can choose a blank one), and then choose what effects or text you want to appear on that template.

The software is a very simple, pared down version of an image editor, taking out any of the tools that would get in the way for a basic header.

This isn't supposed to be a review though, so let' talk a bit more about what you can actually do with Xheader and how you should use it to make top quality headers.

* Choosing a Template - With the basic software, you'll have 500 templates to choose from, each categorized to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

Most of them are high quality and look great, so it shouldn't be too hard to get one that fits your niche. If you cannot find one, you can always start with a blank header and add your own images.

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* Adding Shapes or Images - There are buttons on the editing screen to add lines, squares, circles, and images, and then shift what order they appear in. You'll want to adjust these carefully to match what you're looking for, but in many cases, just text on a template background is enough. You don't want it to look too busy.

* Text - The text should fit within the box and not overlap the images at the edges of your header. Usually, it should be evident where the text goes. Make sure to use a large enough font and bold it if necessary.

* Effects - You can add effect such as shadows, transparency, chisels, outlines, embosses, or glows to the text to make it pop at the top of your screen.

In short, Xheader is a very simple to use image editor that will allow you to streamline how you put your header graphics together. You don't need to worry about aesthetics or sizing because those templates are already in place to do that for you.

Make sure your text fits the space, and is a good color and style and you can be all but sure your header will get the job done.

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