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How to Make Money Blogging Through Google

There’s a general notion that it’s not practical possible to make money through blogging. Truth be told, it’s no mean feat. If you’re going to be blogging through Google, it’s got to be Google blogger.

You can make some descent side income with a free Google Blogger blog but you would need to blend it with Google Adsense.

It is not about placing Google Adsense on your blog and waiting to see your account grow fatter each passing day.

We’ll look at how and why using a Google Blogger blog with Adsense is the most efficient way to earn money blogging through Google.

If you’re hoping to create a blog, it’s utterly important to decide on whether you’re going to use it to build a huge readership base or to create an income stream. Reason for this is that lots of good writers create great content for their blogs but get few readers to click on their ads. People who read your blog will not automatically click on your ads.

Identifying A Hot Niche Keyword

People who will actually look at and click on your ads will be those looking for something specific. Thus, they will click on your ads with hope of finding an answer. Think of it as preceding a niche keyword with the words ‘how to’ to identify the type of readers that will make you money. People who will click on your ads are the ones that are going to search using ‘how to’.

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Google Blogger blog

The Google Blogger blog platform is already optimized; this is what makes it very effective. This means that for the most part, you can straight off start posting your content.

Granted, the Google Blogger blog seems too plain to be able to make any money but in reality, this is the real secret behind its potential for success. In fact, you’ll be defeating the purpose if you try to make it not so plain.

If people come to your blog with big expectations, they will take one look and click away. If you want to make money, you have to create a blog where the only way readers can leave is by clicking on an Adsense ad (instead of quitting).

You achieve this by not placing a bunch of links and addresses to other blogs and websites. If you offer people alternatives to your primary option, they will always click out where you won’t make any money.

It seems counterproductive but actually works. Those who use Adsense know it because they silently practice it. If you’re going to put links, make sure they are linking to posts within your blog or at least some affiliate program in which you’re participating.

Before you begin writing and promoting your blog, set up the keywords for your blog. Include your keywords in the first and last paragraphs of your posts as this is how Google scans your posts.

You can then start to build backlinks, which is how you ultimately earn money with Adsense. What you will aim for here is to get targeted anchored backlinks, for instance, including the words ‘Google Blogger’ in your anchor text. It is much more powerful than putting the words ‘click here’ in your link. That’s the plain simple secret to making money blogging through Google.




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