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How to Make a Banner Ad

You’ve probably come across your fair share of banner ads if you’ve spent some time browsing pages on the internet – the small rectangular adverts that many web pages have.

The subject matter as well as the size considerably varies but all banner ads share one essential function: clicking on them takes you to the advertiser’s.

Banner ads are immensely important in internet business, even though they are usually very simple pieces of HTML code.

Banner ads come in a range of sizes. There are eight different banner sizes specified by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) depending on pixel dimensions. The smallest is the Micro Button banner that measures 88 × 31 pixels while the largest is the Full Banner at 486 × 60 pixels. The full banner seems the most popular but other sizes are also common all over the web.

Almost anyone with some bit of computer knowledge can learn how to make a basic banner ad. Coding the banner ad simply entails combining the HTML tag for the link with the HTML tag for the image. The necessary graphics can be created using an ordinary computer art program such as Paint Shop Pro.

You can pretty much complete a few basic banner ads in a single afternoon, and it’s not that complicated too to make animated GIF banner ads. On the other hand, you have complex rich media ads, ones with more elaborate animation and user interactivity and these ones definitely need extensive programming ability.

banner ad blueprint

Make your own simple banner ad

Firstly, you need a graphics program but Photoshop may be a bit overpowered for a basic banner ad. is a good software package to get you started.

Begin by setting the canvas size. You can start with a standard horizontal banner at 468 by 60, but there are numerous sizes you can use, such as block ads (250 by 250) or long form ads (60 by 960).

After the canvas is setup, next is to lay the graphical base. You can either use a simple background or a much more complicated one with multiple images. In the end, whatever you decide upon, ensure that it is singular, doesn’t flash and doesn’t have any features that make it too fanciful.

Majority of banner ads are almost entirely text, and for good reason. You want your ad to be informative to potential visitors. Image-only banner ads are usually confusing to visitors and only send them away. You should only use images to augment your text, not to replace it.

Use colors that complement each other. Any banner ad making program will show you how these colors catch the eye. Red paired with yellow is a powerful combination. The same goes for blue and orange, as well as purple and yellow. Color combinations that are not easy on the eyes should be avoided.

Ultimately, the final design decision depends on you. Currently, most banners have some form of animation that works well to catch the attention of the eye. However, you’re better off using less animation because too much of it is detrimental as it only sends a web surfer away.

These simple steps should get you a basic banner ad. A more complicated banner needs a professional web programmer to build.


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