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How to Market Your Website Using Twitter

A lot of people have wondered how Twitter can be used as a marketing tool. Twitter has become one of the most powerful tools to market websites, products and content.

And if your website is a niche website, Twitter is an indispensible tool in your marketing machinery. So, set up your website for Twitter in the following ways as you wait for Google and the rest to index it.

When setting up a Twitter marketing campaign, it is better to be methodical. It saves you lots of time, which is your most prized asset. The following is a guide to the back end that you will need to market a niche site on Twitter.

Setting up accounts

It is unwise to use your personal Twitter account to market your website, particularly if your Twitter posts are mostly personal. Having a dedicated feed makes it look more professional in the long run. The major exception to this is if you’re establishing a personal brand.

Customize your profile

There isn’t a lot of room to say all you may have wanted to say so utilize the available space as concisely as possible.

Use badges on your website

You might like to use a Twitter Counter Badge and a Twitter Grader badge in the side bars near the top of your website so that your website visitors can know that they can follow your Twitter feeds. If you place your Twitter feed directly on your site, you risk becoming redundant.

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Set-up feeds to monitor

You can use Twitter’s search tool to monitor the whole network for what your website is targeted at. Consider the key phrases that your website targets. Twitter makes it pretty simple to turn a search into an RSS feed that you can place into your RSS feedreader of your liking.

There are several uses for which setting up these feeds serves. Firstly, you can instantly follow people discussing the subject on which your website is based. If you’re monitoring a phrase like ‘webinar’ and someone is discussing about it, chances are they want to learn more about it, so they are worth following. Another purpose for setting up these feeds is for you to be able to monitor the trends and mood for your topics, particularly if they have a #hash tag.

Look for followers

Gaining as many followers as you can is the most crucial aspect of Twitter marketing. But this doesn’t mean you should seek any follower that comes your way but rather quality followers who will appreciate your content’s value and what you’re offering.

The first thing to do is to monitor the Twitter feeds. Next is to identify people in your niche or industry and follow them and their followers and so on.

Tools like Twitter Grader can help you recommend users you should follow. In case they follow you back, then you can know they are quality followers. If they don’t, you should weed them out at a later stage when you’re approaching the 2000 limit of users you can follow, for a new Twitter account.

Finally, remember to engage your Twitter followers. It takes a huge investment of time to build a Twitter marketing but don’t stop once you’ve achieved that. Successful website marketing on Twitter involves being engaged in the ‘great conversation’ with your followers.

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