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How to Sell Stuff on eBay

EBay has been around for more than 10 years, providing endless opportunities for buyers to pick up items from around the globe at a market dictated price.

Today, eBay is even more useful than ever with its classified options and advanced selling tools. But, you need to learn how to sell online and put it to good use before investing too much time into it.

What to Sell

Here are a few of the most commonly effective ways to find and sell products on eBay without picking up a trade craft yourself.

* Sourcing from SaleHoo - SaleHoo is a dropship and wholesale directory that provides products from over 8,000 suppliers. It takes only minutes to setup an account. You then post items on eBay, and pass along sales data to SaleHoo when a product sells.

Auctions do not work for products here as you need to guarantee a profit - look for high yield items at good prices that you can upsell with enhanced selling techniques on eBay.

* Visiting Tradeshows - Tradeshows are loaded with product suppliers, wholesalers, and direct sources for items that can be flipped and sold on ebay. There are tradeshows held around the country on a weekly basis.

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Look for publications in specific industries for lists of tradeshows in your area. Specific magazines will often have a number of ads in them for upcoming shows, along with specific wholesalers.

* Digital Products - Finally, you can sell digital products on eBay's marketplace for set prices. Digital products are not allowed in standard auction format, but they can be sold in the classifieds section.

Even something as simple as copying and pasting your sales letter into an eBay sales listing can work wonders for drawing attention to your posting.

Setting Up an eBay Store

If you plan on selling on eBay, you'll need a store front. Not only does this give you a permanent URL you can market and draw traffic to, it allows you to generate repeat business if you stick to a particular niche. Choosing a good domain name and choosing a reliable webhost will place your startup on strong foundations.

To start a store on eBay, you'll need to sit down and develop a solid theme for your storefront. I recommend having a custom graphic made with a logo that looks professional and can replace the standard templates eBay uses. Or you could also learn how to make great header graphics with simple tools by yourself.

The cost for a basic store is only $15.95 a month, but you may want to upgrade to a Premium listing to enjoy lower auction listings ($0.05 compared to $0.20 insertion fees) and free Selling Manager Pro along with the advanced reporting you'll want to analyse your sales.

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The highest end store fee is $299/month for Anchor membership. This is nice to have once you reach a significant monthly volume, but when starting the basic or premium memberships will get the job done.

If you plan on selling more than 10-20 items a month on eBay, the basic listing sells itself, while the other, more advanced options are good for full stores with over 100 auctions a month.

Listing Tips

When you list your auctions or classifieds on eBay, the timing of those posts is important. To start with, remember that most eBay auctions will get 80% of their viewership in the final 5% of the posting time.

The default view for search on eBay is by time - it shows auctions ending soonest. So, you'll want to post your auctions to end at a peak time period. The peak hours on eBay tend to be between noon and 2pm and then between 6pm and 9pm.

Luckily, you can schedule your postings if you only have time to post them in the middle of the night, though eBay will charge a small fee for scheduling.

Also, remember to use the analytics tools provided by eBay with your store membership to track how your listings perform, based on timing and the format of your listings. Think of them like a PPC ad campaign - adjust as necessary to get the best possible results.

Every Powerseller needs to start somewhere. Luckily, Sky High Auctions can provide a wide platform for all beginners:

online selling tactics


Learn how to start your eBay account, write your auctions, tweak your headlines, and much more with this powerful tool kit.

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