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How to Structure a Great Pre-Launch

There is a long list of things that a pro, world class marketer would do that a newbie would not, but probably at the top of the list is the pre-launch. And for the life of me I can't figure out why.

You go through all the trouble of creating a fantastic product and building a world class site with enticing sales copy and then you just plop it on the Internet and hope people can find it.

Do they find it? Maybe, but probably not in the numbers you were hoping for.

A prelaunch on the other hand can drum up sincere interest in your product from devoted affiliate marketers who will pour their energy into making sure you make a fortune when the product goes live.

By coordinating the launch with a wide area of dispersion, you can saturate your market and land far more customers than you ever would by dripping it out across the net. Check out the advanced internet marketing tips if you have your own product.

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Final Sweep for Quality

Before you start any promotions, make sure everything you've produced is of the highest quality. There a few ways to do this. First, send out copies of your product for review. I like to hit up other marketers who may decide to sell it.

I'm not recruiting JV partners just yet, but if they see a quality product with potential, they may be on board before the site is even done. Offer them free copies and testimonials with links and you can get tons of good reviews, plus valuable feedback before launch.

Getting the Best JV Partners

Once you've tested your product, re-checked your website and gotten some interest in it from fellow marketers, start developing a team of JV partners who can help sell your product. There are a few ways to do this, and eventually, when you become well known, you'll be able to just email your past JV partners with a "new product" update.

For now, though, you'll need to entice them into joining you. Create free tools they can use such as blog posts, articles, tweets, email newsletters, banner ads, or PPC keyword lists and give it away for free on your site before launch.

You can also approach marketers on forum sites like Warrior Forum or Digital Point and announce that your new product is preparing for launch. Outline the value of being an affiliate and entice them with contests and potential rewards for top sellers.

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Squeeze Page and Email Marketing

If you have yet to develop a list in this niche, set up a squeeze page and start generating interest in your product early. A video teaser or a free report and email list will allow you to create interest, gather names and have buyers prepped when launch day arrives.

This can be carried over into what you do on sites like Facebook and Twitter where you can generate buzz by posting your videos and free reports. The goal here is not necessarily to sell your product, but to get people talking about it.

Coordinating Your Launch

A good launch should have as much buzz behind it as possible. If you can have 100 affiliates ready to blast their lists as well as your own list and articles, you can reach thousands of people on day one. This allows you to follow up with Day 1 bonuses and one time offers, and the rush of being first time buyers.

A good pre-launch needs to do three things. It needs to verify and broadcast the quality of your product. It needs to finalize and polish your website and your sales funnel. And it needs to generate buzz about the specific need your product will fulfil.

When you successfully hit up all three areas, your product will not only be ready to launch, it will be halfway out the door when you press "send".

Even if you never plan on launching your own product, having a powerful tool kit by your side for every pre-launch period will help ensure your marketing efforts succeed every time.

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