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How to Write Attention Grabbing Email Subject

If you're a marketer, you have an email marketing list. If you don't, stop reading this and go build one. The importance of email marketing for online business is CRUCIAL.

But, having that list and ensuring the messages that go out to that list are engaging are two entirely different things.

For all you marketers whose readers are simply not opening those emails, here are some much needed  tips on how to do email marketing effectively and the secrets of getting high open rates in email marketing.

* The Open Ended Question - It doesn't get any simpler than asking an open ended question like "who else wants..." This can be used for any niche and insinuates that there are other people out there that want the same thing, offering social proof.

The only niche where you might see this method a bit too often is with the Internet marketing niche itself - but that might go for every opener on this list.

* Secrets - Tossing the word "secret" into pretty much any email subject line will have a positive impact on your open rate. People are drawn to the word and think they are getting something special.

Other variations you can use include, "insider", "hidden", or "unknown". Pretty much anything that insinuates you're offering advice or tips they couldn't get anywhere else.

* Specific Problems - People know what they need to fix, but if you remind them, they tend to be more enticed to open a message. A simple headline that says "Get Rid of X Once and For All" is extremely effective, assuming you've done the research to know what they want to solve.


There are variations to this as well. You could drum up a significant amount of anxiety and hope that you have a solution to their problem, or you could make light of it, as though it is not that much of a problem for you and you have the solution.

For instance, a headline like "Here's a Quick Way to X" offers a seemingly simple, straightforward solution to a major problem that your readers may have. Again, remember that you need to be 100% sure of what their problems are.

* Invoking Celebrity - You have to be careful with this, but even a more general form of it will work well. For instance, you could say something like "Play a Guitar Like a Rockstar". Avoid using actual celebrity names if you can - there are rules about it that can get tricky.

* Curiosity and Knowledge - One of the headline types I've found works extremely well is "What Everyone Should Know About..." and the variations that go with it. You're essentially telling them that you have a knowledge set directly related to something they are interested in.

You can use this multiple times in the same email series if you are careful, because that urge to satisfy curiosity will never die. Remember that your subscribers are people who specifically want knowledge on this niche. Tap into that as much as possible.

* Mysterious Subjects - Another trick I've found that works without much reason is mysterious, seemingly meaningless subject lines. For instance, I got a message this morning that said "We're Doomed..." That was all it said. I didn't even recognize the sender.

You can bet I opened that message because I wanted to know who was doomed and why. The same can work wonders for your niches if you tap into that mystery level and curiosity everyone has.

Email subject lines are mini-billboards. They draw attention and need to convince someone to open that message. If you find something that works - however simple, odd, or elaborate it may be - stay with it. Your future profitability will rely on being able to get those email messages opened.

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