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Internet Marketing Time Management

When you want to earn money on the internet, there are broadly three stages you need to go through: product acquisition, product presentation development, and product promotion.

Product in this case refers to a tangible item, digital product (software, e-book, or e-course), a service (such as subscription websites), website hosting, and the like.

As a must, each of these stages will consume time. There will be a learning phase and an action phase. When you’ve set up an internet marketing business, it’s vital to understand what stage you’re currently in and focus on working towards completing that stage.

Product Acquisition – There are mainly two choices here: your own product or an affiliate product. This will entail identifying a demand for the product using various methods, for instance, how popular the search terms are.

The key point is that once you’ve settled on a product, you should not ‘waste’ more time pondering other possible products, at least in the mean time.

Developing Your Product Presentation – You will need to develop a presentation for your chosen product. This primarily involves your website but could also involve a newsletter and autoresponder sequences.

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Once you’re done with the presentation process, you can then proceed to the promotion stage. You can keep improving your presentation but you should move on to promotion once it is ‘presentable’. You may get caught up trying to be perfect, which is not possible. The reality is that things can always be changed and improved.

Product Promotion – Regardless of how good your product and presentation are, if you don’t get your presentation to your target market, it will be as good as nothing.

It’s also important to realize the stage you’re in because time is limited. Most people spend a lot of time on unproductive things in stage one and two, looking for products or tweaking their presentation.

You may never get your product to the promotion stage as time will always be spent refining sales copy, layout, images, web presentation, new software trials, testing new product opportunities (before you’re done with current one), adjusting to the evolving web standards, and so forth.

The key thing to remember here is that you’re better off spending time developing a robust promotional strategy and implementing it. You should consider making changes to your presentation only when you’ve started realizing results from your promotional activities. This will help you analyze the effects those changes have on conversion of prospects to real customers.

Here is an example:

• Send out two newsletters every month.

• Run a single advert each week.

• Buy a 500 email list of opt-in subscribers every month.

• Run a pay-per-click campaign with a fixed budget every month (or week depending on results).

• Post three new blog entries every week

• Build ten web pages every week

Finally, you can’t do without a spreadsheet when specifying your promotion, and also to track results, expenses and return on investment. You can properly allocate your time by including columns for each day of the week.

When you grasp these three stages and how to identify the stage you’re in, and then you track your results and utilize checklists, you will maximize your time, efficiency and profits.

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