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Keyword Research – The Difference Between Success And Failure

If you run an online business and periodically carry out promotion campaigns, you probably have an idea of how important keyword research is.

Well if you don’t, that’s no problem because in this article, we’re going to explore the importance of keyword research to online business.

There’s a lot that must be done ‘behind the scenes’ for an online business to come near being successful. And all this ‘behind the scenes’ actions are premised on researching for the right keywords and then optimizing for them.

The reason is because you cannot drive targeted to your website unless you’ve carefully researched your keywords.

In order to identify a niche that is profitable, you need to ensure the following: 1) you can find a service or product in that niche to offer, 2) that the service or productive has adequate demand, 3) that the competition in that niche is favorable, i.e. not too much, and 4) that the market the market is not too saturated and the search engine results page is not all occupied by ‘big players’.

To start your search for a profitable niche and eventually the right keywords, you need to use either a free keyword search tool or a paid one. Paid tools usually get the job done faster but when you’re just starting out, a free tool like the Google Keyword Research Tool is your best option.


The importance of an effective keyword research cannot be over emphasized. It’s essentially the difference between success and failure. For instance, if you’re going to sell beauty products, the keywords you’re going to target will center on beauty care, body care, and the like. The probability that someone who types in ‘mercedes engine parts’ is going to be interested in your beauty products is very slim, if there at all.

If it is weight loss pills or products you’re going to be dealing in, you might consider words like ‘buy weight loss pills’, ‘purchase weight loss products’, etc. keywords that include the product’s name itself are the ones with the highest commercial potential.

Some serious buyers also first search for reviews about that particular product. Therefore, possible keywords may include the product’s name and end in ‘review’ or ‘reviews’, and so forth. Others are ‘buy+product name’, ‘order+keyword’, and the like. It’s worth noting that the higher the commercial potential, the easier for you to sell that product online.

Other search terms with less commercial intention include ‘top + keyword’ or ‘best +keyword’. All this information cannot only be assessed through keyword research, without which you cannot gauge the level of competition in your niche market.

Your target keywords should have a descent amount of searches every month and a number of advertisers. This will guarantee that the keyword you’ve targeted is one that people use to spend money.

In conclusion, it’s important to understand the edge that keyword research is going to give you. the rest will be just adding value to your chosen product and watch the sales pile up in no time.

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