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List Building – Tips To Get New Subscribers

An email list is the first step to propelling your business to new heights. It gives you the power to directly contact your prospects and even sell to them directly.

However, it all starts with building a list. So here are some tips on how to acquire ne email subscribers.

Step One

Develop a product as though it were going to be a commercial product. Identify the major problem that your target market faces and craft the best guide you can addressing the issue. Put everything in the guide that a paid product would have.

Do your research on the subject and look for information that people would pay money for elsewhere and put it in your guide where possible. However, this doesn’t mean you plagiarize someone’s work or rip them off. Just get ideas and do more research, then give this information out for free.

Step Two

Set up an autoresponder sequence and load it into an email list management tool of your choice (identify a good one). In your follow up series, you should aim at further informing or entertaining your subscribers, and then at the third or fourth email you send out, try to sell something.

Step 3

Once your list and your autoresponder messages have been set up for this campaign, the next thing you should do is to create your opt-in landing page. Your landing page is where visitors get to learn about your guide and decide whether to download it in exchange for their name and email address or choose not to download.

Most people do click on opt-in offers to check out what’s being offered and this is why you have to make your offer irresistible.


Step 4

You should do nothing here other than creating buzz. There are several techniques you can use:

Affiliates – An affiliate program (where affiliates promote your guide) can give you a huge boost when you’re just taking off. It will give you publicity and therefore your subscriber list will increase.

Blog Reviews – In whatever niche market you’re in, there are certainly more prominent bloggers than you, or you wouldn’t be learning what you already know. So get into their networks and ensure that they have a look at your guide. You should portray yourself to them as a serious player with something of value to convey to their readers.

Instant social gratification – By this time, you should be ahead with building your Twitter connections, as well as other social networks. All your efforts are going to pay off because you’re going to use these social platforms to publicize your free guide.

Your announcement will be‘re-tweeted’ and soon it will be all over the social networking world. And once people start talking about your awesome free guide, everyone in your niche market will want to download it.

It’s important to have a presence on the social spectrum. Search for your market on Twitter, Facebook, etc, and then engage with them regularly.

Step 5

Launch your guide. All the methods above should be part of a robust strategy. You need to make a great impact by hitting the web hard. Your guide should be what people in your niche market are talking about, so use this chance before the fire burns out. If you can get more people to talk about your guide in the beginning, it will boost your chances of getting a big number of initial subscribers.

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