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Mass Email Marketing Strategies

Big businesses and individual online marketing gurus have been making use of mass email marketing to gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. Mass email marketing has proved a very effective and cost efficient way of reaching business prospects online.

A number of studies have consistently shown that email marketing produces the highest returns on investment in comparison to most other internet marketing methods, such as social media, seo, direct mail, etc.

According to reports, on average, every dollar spent on email marketing yields $40 return on investment.

Costs for mass email marketing campaigns vary depending on various factors. But the success of your email campaigns largely depends on the email marketing service you choose for your campaigns or the software tools to automate the process if you choose to do it by yourself.

As a very basic minimum, an email service provider needs to be able to abide by the standard ISP protocols and have the tools and know-how of handling bounced email.

Whether you decide to use an email marketing service or do it yourself, there are a few mass email marketing strategies you can put in place to ensure your campaigns are a success. Let’s discuss two of the best strategies below:

The first strategy entails setting up a mini-course in which visitors get enrolled once they accept to sign up to your mailing list. The objective of this strategy is to acquire as many potential subscribers as possible, who are also potential customers.


The course shouldn’t be long (ideally 2 weeks at most) and after the course duration elapses, a new course building on the first one should be sent. Use auto-responders to accomplish this, you don’t have to be physically around.

This method is usually better than sending a single e-book after someone signs up. Reason for this is that it helps build a relationship with your subscribers. The fact is that it takes quite some time for trust to be established but if you send top-quality emails to your subscribers every day for seven days, trust will be build much faster.

Also, a short course will be perceived as offering more value than a one-off e-book, and therefore this will compel more people to subscribe.

Thirdly, when you send a new part of the course every day, subscribers will be reminded that they need to continue with the course and therefore open your emails. If you send out emails and they are not being read, it will be a waste time and effort.

The second strategy involves getting your subscribers to engage with you after they are done reading your emails. In this strategy, you send subscribers short emails that consist of guides or some other useful information, and then include a link at the end of the email leading back to your website. Do not include any ads in your emails. When a subscriber gets to your page, you can then direct them in the suitable place for more assistance.

This strategy helps to achieve more page views, increased sales, more visits to the hidden areas of your website, and a higher readership rate for your emails.

These two email marketing strategies will get you both the subscribers and help you make sales, which is basically the objective of every email marketing campaign.

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